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    Sunshine Blogger Award

    I’m excited to announce that I’ve been nominated to follow on the Sunshine Blogger Award, woo! The lovely, Philipa-Chloe tagged me and I’m very grateful for that. Truth be told, I had no idea what it was about until I read her post on it. So if you’re like me and need some extra knowledge then here it is: This award is essentially for you to show some appreciation to bloggers that you talk to a lot and blogs you read often. Show them some love – in a non-weird but nice and positive way! There are only a handful of rules and they are: Thank those who nominated you…

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    Legally Blonde The Musical Review

      Musical Summary Legally Blonde The Musical follows Elle Woods (Lucie Jones), beautiful and blonde, through a journey of passing tests to make it into Harvard Law School in the hopes of winning back her one true love, Warner Huntington III (Liam Doyle). In her attempts to be taken more seriously, she puts everything she has into learning law (eventually) with love the driving force behind everything she does. We all know there’s twists along the way. I’m sure if you’re interested in seeing the show, you’ve most likely seen the film. Review OMIGOD, OMIGOD YOU GUYS! Sorry, I really enjoy corny jokes; that is actually a musical number in…

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    My Spring Reading List

    ‘Ello, I’ve been wanting to get back into reading for the longest time now – University work has often prevented me from picking up a book and reading for hours on end. But alongside writing, reading has always been one of the most therapeutic activities for me. Sitting down and letting the world – and its many problems – disappear for a few hours is so important. From here on out, I’ve decided to create seasonal reading lists so I give myself time to read and I wanted to share what I’ll be reading with all of you. Escobar: The Inside Story of Pablo Escobar, the World’s Most Powerful Criminal…

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    A letter to my younger self

    Hey, So I did a post about a letter to my future self a while back and figured writing one to my younger self would be cool, too. I’m not old at 21, but I’m a different person now to what I was then. I thought it’d be interesting to address those changes… Without further ado, here’s my letter to my younger self: Well, younger me, you were interesting. You were troubled, I guess. It’s not that you were awful at school but you didn’t always play by the rules and you got into trouble a few times. Nothing serious though, so good on you. The one thing you wanted…

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    What happened to ‘My Veggie Diary’?

    ‘Ello, Well, back last August/September I embarked on a grand mission to become a vegetarian which I wrote a couple of blog posts about. Unfortunately, they stopped happening after the second post. I felt I owed an explanation as to why. First and foremost, I stopped being a vegetarian after two months which, if anything, is a bit pitiful. I really tried to stick with it though. My main issues were being fatigued and feeling low a lot of the time. I couldn’t ignore that this had to be due to the diet change. I’d thoroughly researched becoming a vegetarian before I gave it a go, but it was much…