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    Resolution’s Book Tag

    It’s been so long since I last did a book tag. But thanks to Mikaela Reads – I’m doing one today! Let’s get right into it… 1. Exercise More – name a book that has made you want to leap up out of your seat (for any reason) The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson If you haven’t read this feast of witchy goodness, then you definitely should. I’ve already done a full review of this book here. Let me tell you, there were several times when I was ready to jump out of my seat to go and save Ezra. He was so selfless and his pure love…

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    The Guest List by Lucy Foley [Review]

    Summary Will and Jules seem to live perfect lives. He’s an up-and-coming actor, and she’s a swanky magazine publisher. Nothing but perfection will be good enough for their big day. Hence, their decision to host it on a secluded island off the coast of Ireland where no paparazzi – or anyone else, for that matter – would be able to find them. But as the festivities begin, so does the drinking and truth-telling. Their ‘perfect’ plans are quick to be ruined by human nature, and terrible weather conditions. When the lights go out, one guest will meet their end. But who will it be, and most importantly, why? Review Dark,…

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    Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce [Book Review]

    Blood Orange will take you on a twisted journey through one woman’s affair, and another’s murder. Alison’s life is picture-perfect, brilliant husband and an adorable daughter, but she’s hiding a secret that would tear her family apart. Having an affair with a colleague, family life, and work-life are weighing heavily on Alison’s mind and she has just landed her first big murder case at work to add to that pressure. She knows something is wrong with her client’s admission of guilt towards killing her husband, and she plans to get to the bottom of it. However, someone knows Alison’s dirty little secret and wants her to pay for the destruction…

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    The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson [Review]

    If you’d like to read the summary for The Year of The Witching before reading my review, please visit the Goodreads page. What. The Heck. Do you know when a book just leaves you in such a state that you don’t know what to do with your life? Well, I had a similar feeling when I finished The Year of The Witching. As soon as I finished this book, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cry, rejoice, down a bottle of wine… Honestly, I was a mess. This book kept me up all night as I couldn’t stop reading, I had to know what happened to Imanuelle, her family…