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BLOG BOOK TOUR: Alice, Shaken and Definitely Stirred by Paula Smith [Review]

**Alice, Shaken and Definitely Stirred was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to Random Things Tours for having me on the tour.**


This uplifting romantic comedy takes you on Alice’s journey, interweaving her relationships with real-life characters and dreams involving her favourite romantic screen idols.

Lamenting the loss of her long-term partner and having been made redundant, Alice makes a New Year’s resolution to get on with life, and definitely without a man. But things don’t quite go to plan.

As her Aunt Betty says, ‘Men, dear, are like buses, there are none on the horizon then three come along at once.’ Alice certainly is shaken and definitely stirred.


Alice, Shaken and Definitely Stirred is a humorous and uplifting romantic comedy that shows how romantic opportunities can present themselves when you least expect them!

Initially, Alice is struggling to get over the loss of her love, Mark, after he tramples all over her heart and leaves her for another woman. It was so gratifying to read as she gradually moved on from him. She deserved to find happiness and I loved that she eventually learned to love herself again. It wasn’t completely focused on the romantic side of the story which I thought worked really well in terms of Alice’s character development. Her dreams about some Hollywood Hunks, including Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, lent themselves to some great laugh-out-loud moments.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book as the characters were well developed and the story had a solid plot. It wasn’t always a light read, some deeper issues were addressed like illness within the family, having to let go of someone you loved, and learning to love yourself again. I thought all issues were addressed with sensitivity and showed the closeness of the bonds between Alice, her family, and friends.

One of my issues with this book was grammatical errors, which is why I knocked it down to 4/5 stars. The story itself is very enjoyable and easy to read. If you’re looking for a bit of escapism, you’ll definitely enjoy reading this!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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