• Why Do I write graphic

    Why Do I Write?

    First impressions might make you think this will be a profound post. The reality is, this post may be listing things you’ve read from me on previous posts. But I figured since I’m making a grand return to blogging, I might as well explain why I write. It’s been a while since I last did due to the fogginess in my mind. When your thoughts are jumbled and unorganisable, you can’t form the right sentences to reflect what you really mean. That’s why for a long while, I’ve been on-again-off-again blogging. If I can’t focus my mind solely on writing then no blog post is going to make any sense…

  • A letter to my younger self - me with the 'hope' sign in NYC

    A letter to my younger self

    Hey, So I did a post about a letter to my future self a while back and figured writing one to my younger self would be cool, too. I’m not old at 21, but I’m a different person now to what I was then. I thought it’d be interesting to address those changes… Without further ado, here’s my letter to my younger self: Well, younger me, you were interesting. You were troubled, I guess. It’s not that you were awful at school but you didn’t always play by the rules and you got into trouble a few times. Nothing serious though, so good on you. The one thing you wanted…