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    Why Do I Write?

    First impressions might make you think this will be a profound post. The reality is, this post may be listing things you’ve read from me on previous posts. But I figured since I’m making a grand return to blogging, I might as well explain why I write. It’s been a while since I last did due to the fogginess in my mind. When your thoughts are jumbled and unorganisable, you can’t form the right sentences to reflect what you really mean. That’s why for a long while, I’ve been on-again-off-again blogging. If I can’t focus my mind solely on writing then no blog post is going to make any sense…

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    October Blogging Goals

    ‘Ello, Septembers goals were not met but I’m not disappointed. The truth is I didn’t work hard enough on social media to reap the rewards, so to speak. Being a blogger is hard work and sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of everything. So I’m going to start afresh for October with some new ones. These are not going to include a numerical value because I’d like to focus more on talking with other bloggers. Engage with more Bloggers I’ve never been great at keeping on top of twitter chats or generally communicating with other bloggers. In August and September, I did manage to make some small improvements in…

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    My September Blogging Goals

    Hey everyone, I’m extremely happy to announce that My August Blogging Goals were all met. All the support and love my blog has received means the world to me, thank you all so much. This month I’m going to put some numbers to the goals as I didn’t last month. I was giving the blog a rebirth and didn’t want to be concerned by numbers. Get to 500 Instagram Followers Growing on Instagram is a really difficult task. They seem almost desperate to get people to pay for ads to be shown to your own followers. There’s some backwards logic involved in that one which is why I won’t be…

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    My Top 5 Most Read Posts This Year So Far

    ‘Ello, It’s often really cool to watch the viewing numbers slowly build on the blog. I do check daily but not in an unhealthy manner. So I figured I should look back over some of my most popular posts from this year (so far). No. 1: The Things I’m Most Grateful For With a lovely 75 views for this one, it is easily my most read post up to now. I loved writing this one as it helped me reflect on the things that mean most to me. It’s easy to forget that there are still things to be grateful for in this hate filled world. I wanted to spread…