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    To go or not to go to University?

      ‘Ello, Chances are you have faced the decision of: to go to university or to not go to university? Personally, I chose to go. The choice was not made easily. A part of me had always wanted to go but once I finished college, I had lost all motivation to continue with any form of education. But for me, it was a case of proving to myself that I was not one to ‘give up’ because the work had been tough. I wasn’t going to sit back and not try to do better things with my life. Initially, I chose to go to Sheffield Hallam University (SHU). The university…

  • kindness costs nothing
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    Kindness Costs Nothing

    Why am I writing this post? This is the first post I’ve written that mentions my work. I never thought I’d write something like this, I didn’t think there’d ever be a reason to. But today, the line was crossed for me. Working in retail is difficult at times and especially when it’s busy. Every staff member does their absolute best to make sure the business continues to run smoothly even during these periods. However, there are times when we can’t sit back and simply “take it” anymore. Most of our customers are fantastic, I will be honest and tell you that. Sadly, there are a few who tarnish that…

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    ‘I love Summer’ Tag

    I’m quite certain this is the first ‘tag’ post I’ve ever participated in. Since it’s summer, it’s time to try new things so I’m going to go for it. My friend, Chloe Stedman a.k.a http://chloestedman.blogspot.co.uk suggested I do the ‘I love Summer’ tag and she’s also done it. Well, let’s get started!   1) What is your dream vacation? This is a tough one since I’m an aspiring World Traveler. But I love adventure, so a road trip around America/Canada would be pretty incredible. Also, I’ve always wanted to visit Italy so they’re the joint #1 dream vacay’s for me! 2) Favourite summer drink Anything cold. I’m currently hooked on fresh orange…

  • the weight of perfection
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    The Weight of Perfection

    So you want to be perfect? Firstly, there’s no such thing as “perfect”, nobody and nothing is absolutely perfect no matter what anybody tells you. The stigma surrounding different sized bodies is saddening. Nobody should be made to feel horrible about themselves because of lies thrust upon them by the media and society. The reason I come baring this pressing matter is due to the fact earlier today I read an absolutely shocking article on Elle online. Myla Delbasio has been labelled as “plus-size”. I would personally love to know when size 10 became plus-size? Now I understand that in the modelling industry most models are a (rather terrifying) size 0…