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    The Daily Goal Setter

    *sent to me FREE in exchange for an honest review* Look guys, I know when someone says they’ve been sent something for free to review there’s some trepidation attached. The whole, “well you got it for free so of course it’ll be amazing”… All the eyes roll included. Hear me out though, this Daily Goal Setter by Mål Paper is e v e r y t h i n g. I don’t take stationary purchases lightly. I’m obsessed with it and I’ll search until I’ll find exactly what it is I’m looking for. Surprisingly, I didn’t know I even NEEDED this product until I got it! Seriously though, this Daily…

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    My August Blogging Goals

    Welcome,  Too formal? I don’t know but I’m trying to switch it up from the usual ‘ello. Anyway, I’ve never done a post about blogging goals before because I’ve never really had any. The truth is I started blogging on the pretense of having some fun with it which I do. However, I would love to get more engagement with my content. You see, it’s not easy running a blog and I do hate when people say that. It may not be the hardest job in the world but it can take a lot to write all the time when you’re getting little response. That’s why I’ve decided to lay…

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    Latest Stationery Buys

    Ello, I’ve never actually done a post about stationery before. Let me tell you, I love my stationery so I should have done one by now. This post includes all the buys from my latest stationery mini-haul and all were bought from Wilkinsons Decelerate range which is ‘inspired by nature’. Desk Calendar I’ve never owned one in my life. Honestly, never understood the point of them but I think I get it now… Have you seen how pretty it is? Instead of my desk looking like an ugly mess, it adds a lovely pop of colour and pizazz to the layout. Gold looks so fancy, my stationary loving heart is…

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    What’s it like living with Eczema?

    What is Eczema? Well, it’s not pretty and it’s not always easy to live with. There are worse things in life but still, when you suffer with this skin condition it can have the tendency to take over your life. My journey with it began in my younger years when I was about five. My mam would often tell me stories of how badly I was affected by it, but I don’t remember it myself. The unfortunate situation is that my struggle with it didn’t end there. Fast Forward to about the age of 15/16, the stress of GCSE’s dawned upon me and then came the vicious return of my…

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    Why did I start a blog?

    Welcome back, You might have noticed that I’ve been sharing some quite personal stories about myself recently – My time on the contraceptive pill, A letter to my future self, etc – so I figured it was time to tell you all why I decided to start a blog. Since I was about 10 years old I have written about anything and everything. From a diary to terrible short stories – all I’ve known is how to write. Writing gives me the opportunity to express myself and show people who I really am. That’s why it made sense to me to start a blog. Now, I’d be telling fibs if…