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    My Egypt Travel Guide

    ‘Ello, In my post ‘My Ultimate Travel Bucket List‘, I mentioned that I was jetting off to Egypt for a week. Since I have returned I thought it would be cool to give some insight into what it’s like to go on holiday to Egypt. There are a few things I cannot give recommendations on: hotels, tour groups and restaurants as I stayed with a friend (Mariam) when I went. I wanted to give an honest account of my travels all the way from Manchester to Cairo and back. Without further ado… The Flights We flew with the Greek airline, Aegean Airlines. Honestly the flights were really straightforward and I…

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    My Ultimate Travel Bucket List

    ‘Ello, I’m trying to come up with new post introductions but ‘ello is gunna have to do for now. Anyway, as I’m travelling to Egypt this week I really wanted to do a travel related post. Ever since going to New York in 2016 I’ve been obsessed with going to new places. I could not think of anything more incredible or humbling than seeing all the amazing places this world has to offer. Without further ado, here is my ultimate travel bucket list. Australia The truth is I’m not sure which part of Australia I’d love to travel to most. It’d be extremely cool to go from West to East…

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    How do I feel about 13 Reasons Why Season 2?

    ‘Ello, *This post may contain spoilers* This show has caused an intense amount of controversy due to some incredibly graphic scenes across both seasons. If you’re aware of the show and have seen it than this my opinion on THAT scene in episode 13 of season 2. Let me start by saying this is not the first time I’ve watched a show that includes graphic and explicit content… I’ve seen a lot of shows with almost similar scenes in them. However, none have hit me as hard as that episode of 13RW S2 did. This does not discredit the fact that I was a complete wreck after season 1, and…

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    Primark Private Collection Room Sprays [Review]

    ‘Ello, After a few long weeks, I am back! Honestly, I ended up drowning in exam revision and finding time to write was an impossible task. Having a pulled calf muscle has left me bed ridden so I figured this was the time to actually focus on writing. This also I’ll have to hit the pause button for a couple of days on my fitness routine to let my leg heal. Anyway, that was just me rambling about… well, me actually. But less of that, I want to tell you all about Primark ‘Private Collection’ Room Sprays. You may have seen them described as ‘Jo Malone’ dupes – I can’t…

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    The Beginning of a new Fitness Journey

    ‘Ello, If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed I’ve recently been uploading screenshots of my fitness progress. I want to stress that I’m not a fitness guru or expert; I’m just a girl restarting her fitness journey. I have had a hard week – as I imagine many of us have. There’s been tears shed and levels of stress I didn’t even think I could reach. Working out at the gym has definitely helped keep my mental health in check for the most part. I’ve been on and off with my fitness journey for a few years. There’s been plenty of occasions where I’ve worked out for…