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    My Veggie Diary: Week Two

    Since you all seemed to enjoy My Veggie Diary: Week One so much, I figured why not continue it! Week Two has been a wobbly one and you’ll see why when you read further through the days. The veggie diet isn’t as plain sailing as it seems! 31st July – Monday Well to put it bluntly, I woke up with an upset stomach. It was fairly unsettled during the first week as well but not quite this severe. Might be more to do with the cheese pizza I ate more than the change in diets though. Still, it wasn’t nice or pretty. Hoping that side of things settled down soon.…

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    ORA Tynemouth Review

    I’m back with a (sort of) food review. Now, I’ve never done one of these before and I’m definitely not a food critic, so take from this what you will. Recently, I went to ORA in Tynemouth with some friends for a birthday meal and I was mostly impressed. Tynemouth, a small town in North East England is a lovely area. It’s got a calming feeling about it and everywhere looks great. ORA itself is fairly sized with three floors. The staff are friendly and there’s a relaxing vibe to the place. The third floor is a single table with eight chairs, there’s a fridge full of drinks (these are…