SPOTLIGHT: Broken by K.M. Harding

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Some memories we long to forget. But some are worth dying to remember.
Hiding behind her wit and using music to escape the memories of her violent and
abusive past, Dani is alive but not living. And between the nightmares and scars that
lie underneath, the last thing Dani wants is romance. Or is it?
Gorgeous, intuitive, musical, Damien changes everything. The attraction is
undeniable, and when a string of unfortunate incidents bring them closer, Damien’s
patience and understanding awaken a longing for something Dani believed
unattainable – a future.
But when past and present collide, Dani’s fears are pushed to the limit, and with the
future hanging in the balance, is love enough to save Dani?

Author Bio

K.M. Harding is a part-time NHS worker and lover of all things fiction, now living in
Cumbria with her two kids. An avid reader, she went on to study Creative Writing at
Staffordshire University before embarking on the exciting journey to becoming an
author. When not busy entertaining temper tantrums or fighting through traffic on the
school run, she can be found buried in a good book or typing away on her laptop.

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