REVIEW: Trusting Blake by Estelle Maskame


What the hell just happened?! One cheating dad, one furious mom, and Mila stuck in the middle.

Enter chaos. Hit by an onslaught of revelations, Mila’s life is turned upside down. And when her A-list parents jet in from LA, they bring nothing but conflict, leaving Mila feeling betrayed and her Tennessee fun at a standstill.

But Blake is still there – with his easy smile, comforting touch, and his guitar – and Mila turns to him more and more. Things are heating up between them and the pressure is becoming intense.

As the drama unfolds between their families and life starts to unravel, can Mila and Blake keep it together as summer draws to a close? 


‘Trusting Blake’ is full of drama, romance, and twists that leave you reeling! The second book in the ‘Becoming Mila’ trilogy is not to be shunned.

Blake and Mila’s romance continues to blossom in the sweetest way. They are adorable! He’s giving her the opportunity to experience the fun and joy that is lost in her life due to her parent’s messy situation. I love that it shows how pure young love is. You get to read every side of it including all the highs and lows. Outside of her Aunt and Gramps, Blake is the main source of stability Mila has due to all the turbulence from her dad’s career and affair. They bond because their lifestyles are similar, both of their parents are in the ‘spotlight’ and they are searching for an escape from that.

Her dad’s PA, Rueben, is – as per usual – a nightmare. He really has no idea how to deal with teenagers and seems to forget that Mila is still growing and learning. There’s a difference between doing your job and being an a-hole. Mila is bound to act up and make bad decisions because she’s desperate for adventure and to be a ‘normal’ teen. That decision was taken from her before she was even born, and I can’t help but feel sorry for her. Every teen needs the opportunity for a little bit of rebellion to be able to find themselves.

Mila and Blake’s trip to Memphis is when we start to see a different side to their relationship, and to Blake. It’s the first time we really see a shift in behaviors that are quite shocking. I’m looking forward to seeing how that develops in book three because this trip is a turning point for both characters. The drama is building, and if we’re honest, we all love a bit of drama. Estelle knows exactly what she was doing with that ending as well – just wait until you read it. I’ve been thinking about it for months!

I rate ‘Trusting Blake’ 5/5 stars. It’s an easy read that hooks you from the first page. If you’re into YA romance, you’ll love the ‘Becoming Mila’ series. Estelle announced recently that the final book in the series, ‘The Making of Mila and Blake’, is being released on May 5th and I’m bursting with excitement!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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