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BLOG BOOK TOUR: Missing Pieces by Tim Weaver

**Missing Pieces was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to Michael Joseph Books/Penguin Random House for having me on the tour.**


Rebekah Murphy knows too much . . .

She knows she’s alone on an abandoned island with a killer on her trail.
She knows that to get home, she must live to understand why this is happening.
She knows someone tried to kill her for a secret.

What she doesn’t know is what that secret is . . .

Detective Frank Travis doesn’t know enough . . .

He doesn’t know where to find Louise Mason.
He doesn’t know how and why she vanished into thin air three months ago.
He doesn’t know the identity of the man last seen talking to her.

What he does know is that he retires in one week – and if he doesn’t find out where Louise went, no one will . . .

What neither Rebekah nor Detective Travis realize is that each holds a missing piece from the same puzzle – and it will cost them everything to finally solve it . . .


Missing Pieces is a brilliant, twisted mystery thriller that had me hooked from the first page.

From the very beginning, you’re thrown into Rebekah’s story as she battles against the elements to survive on a deserted island. The wintery weather conditions and emptiness of the island are enough to send shivers down your spine. Rebekah’s despair, fear, and panic have you on the edge of your seat not knowing if she’ll make it off the island alive or not. I’m a huge fan of books that are fast-paced and have you invested from the first page, Missing Pieces is one of those books.

With each chapter, you’re given a new piece of information to try and formulate a reason why she was on the island and being hunted in the first place. The chapters were snappy and short which I appreciated. Sometimes when chapters last for several pages, it can become a bit mundane. I felt that story developed brilliantly and those snippets of information easily kept me coming back for more.

Personally, I felt that the time on the island could become a bit dry to read about. I appreciate the effort in showing the reader how she managed to survive so long on the island, but it’s part of the story that after you’ve read about her doing it once, I don’t think you need to read about her doing it again.

The characters were relatively interesting, and I appreciated that Rebekah’s fight for survival because it showed her strength and unwillingness to give up on her girls even when she felt she was unable to go on. I think the relationships between the characters were well explored and enjoyed piecing together the story of her life and the people in it. I’ll be honest the one character that was mentioned that made little sense to me was her mother. She was mentioned several times but actually held no integral role in the story. I thought she’d be attached to the crime in some way but she was really just there to bulk out the family’s story.

I really enjoyed the writing style, but the book could have been shorter by cutting out certain bits of unnecessary detail. The pace did trail off somewhat the closer to the end I got which was disappointing but not terrible.

Since I thoroughly enjoyed reading the majority of Missing Pieces, I’ve decided to give it 4/5 stars. From what I’ve said it might seem that I wasn’t going to feel that way but truthfully, I could oversee some of my previously mentioned issues with it because of how solid the first half of the book is. I recommend this book to fans of murder mysteries/mystery thrillers.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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