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The Daily Goal Setter

*sent to me FREE in exchange for an honest review*

Look guys, I know when someone says they’ve been sent something for free to review there’s some trepidation attached. The whole, “well you got it for free so of course it’ll be amazing”… All the eyes roll included. Hear me out though, this Daily Goal Setter by Mål Paper is e v e r y t h i n g.

I don’t take stationary purchases lightly. I’m obsessed with it and I’ll search until I’ll find exactly what it is I’m looking for. Surprisingly, I didn’t know I even NEEDED this product until I got it!

Seriously though, this Daily Goal Setter is just amazing. I literally flicked through it when I first got it and I was like oh my gosh!

If you’re as weird as I am, the smell of fresh, new paper is refreshing. That’s exactly what this is. It smells SO good. That’s only the first plus point.

Then we’ve got the Ivory 100gsm pages that are pristine. I mean honestly, I’m shook. Not only do they smell good but they won’t tear immediately. They’re sturdy unlike a cheaper alternative that you know won’t last two minutes.

One of my favourite points about this planner is that it’s UNDATED. Let that sink in. I think that’s the reason I don’t buy planners, you’ve got a set time to use them in. Not with this beauty, you can take as long as you want which I think is perfect.

It looks so smart and fancy as well which I absolutely love. There’s affirmations to inspire you throughout and I really do think it’s gorgeous. The whole thing just feels lovely to hold in your hand and to look at.

I’m aware that £20 for a planner wouldn’t suit everyone and I understand why but I really feel this would be worth your money. Sometimes you need that extra push to get a job done and I think this would really inspire you to do so.

Honestly, I’m floored. I never expected to be sent anything this stunning. If you want to get one for yourself then you can get one HERE.

Otherwise, thanks for checking in. I appreciate it.

Until Next Time,

Luce xo

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