An Open letter to My Friends
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An Open Letter to My Friends

An Open letter to My Friends

I’m not sure why this post never came to mind before. I’ve mentioned my friends in previous posts, but a lot has changed over the past year. I feel it’s time to show real appreciation for all my friends now by sharing a post that’s all about and for them. You know who you are. 

As has been stated – and obvious – from previous posts I’ve had a really tough 2018. I’ve needed an incredible amount of support to be able to get through it. Without all you beautiful people, I would not be where I am today. I might not even be typing this post. 

I was left heartbroken and feeling worthless for months on end. It was becoming a constant battle to get out of bed on a morning. But I did. I did it because all of you rallied behind me, and picked me up whenever I was kicked down. 

No matter how many times I came to you with my problems, you listened to me and loved me. You gave me those pushes and nudges to keep fighting. I’m strong, but only made stronger by these amazing souls that surround me daily. 

You’ve all stood by me and helped me to be me again. I was lost, floating around in constant self-pity and feeling lifeless. But your support and love never once faltered. I could never repay you for all you’ve done for me, but I’ll always be there for all of you. 

There aren’t enough ‘thank you’s’ in the world that can truly show my full appreciation for what you’ve done for me. For what you’ve all helped me to achieve. You are the most genuine and selfless people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. My love for you knows no boundaries. 

I never want any of you to lose your determination or belief that you can achieve anything. You can all do whatever you set your minds to as you are absolutely capable. Don’t let life bring you down. Nobody is worth losing yourself for. Your times will come and you deserve nothing but the best in life. 

                                                   Luce x

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