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    October Blogging Goals

    ‘Ello, Septembers goals were not met but I’m not disappointed. The truth is I didn’t work hard enough on social media to reap the rewards, so to speak. Being a blogger is hard work and sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of everything. So I’m going to start afresh for October with some new ones. These are not going to include a numerical value because I’d like to focus more on talking with other bloggers. Engage with more Bloggers I’ve never been great at keeping on top of twitter chats or generally communicating with other bloggers. In August and September, I did manage to make some small improvements in…

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    A Conversation with a Cat by Stephen Spotte (Review)

    Blurb Stephen Spotte’s imaginative novel recounts the tales of a scroungy former alley cat named Jinx, whose memories aren’t just his own but those of other cats who existed before him, one of which was Annipe, Cleopatra’s pampered pet. Through Annipe’s eyes the ancient Mediterranean world of Cleopatra and her legendary lovers, Caesar and Antony, spread before us in all its glory, pathos, and absurdity. Jinx reveals these stories telepathically one night to his stoned and inebriated owner just home after gall bladder surgery. Annipe’s memories are bookended by Jinx’s own that detail his early scavenging days in bleak urban alleys. Review Delve into ancient Egyptian and Roman history from…

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    Top 3 Best And Worst Costumes For Halloween

    ‘Ello, Don’t judge me, I know I just did a post about why I’m not participating in Blogtober. However, I already wrote this and had a lot of fun with it and figured it shouldn’t go to waste! I thought it’d be cool to have a browse at the costumes that are on offer this year. All opinions of all costumes are my own and meant to be a bit of lighthearted fun. If there’s something I hate but you think is pretty cool I’d love to know! Well then, let’s get into it, shall we? BEST T-Rex Now, I know you’re probably thinking that this should be on the…

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    Why I’m Not Taking Part In Blogtober

    ‘Ello, I had an entire post written out as an introduction to Blogtober. As it turns out, I’ve decided not to participate this year. I joined a group chat to prepare for it and everything. The thing is I know for a fine fact I can’t post every single day of October, or any month for that matter. I love Halloween and Autumn which is why there will still be posts going up related to both topics. However, they won’t necessarily fall under a Blogtober umbrella. I start back at University in October so finding time to write every day would be a miracle/impossible. I’m not terrible at scheduling posts,…