How Do You Feel about Halloween? (Guest Post)


For this next blog post I figured it would be cool to see what everyone thinks about Halloween. Some of us love it, some of us hate it. So I’ve rounded up four bloggers to give us their opinions on Halloween.


Do I love or hate Halloween? Now, that’s a bit of a tricky question as I wouldn’t say I outright hate Halloween but at the same time you probably won’t see me eagerly counting down till the celebration. I’m on a middle ground with Halloween but I wouldn’t be too sad if it just didn’t happen here either.

Growing up me and my family never celebrated Halloween in the ‘traditional’ trick or treating sense, we made our own fun inside the house. We dressed up in various Halloween-y costumes, the reoccurring theme being a witch with our supermarket hats and caps, ate a Halloween themed meal where pudding comprised of witches fingers and went apple bobbing too.

We made up our own fun and of course Halloween in our house wasn’t complete without a treasure hunt of witchy chocolate and various pumpkin and bat shaped jelly sweets. The one and only time you can say which I properly celebrated Halloween was in my first year of University, I dressed up as Darla from Finding Nemo and went to a themed club night!

At the end of the day, I can give or take Halloween, but rest assured I will still be carving a pumpkin and my house will still have a ‘No trick or treaters’ sign on the window. Sorry if that’s too boring but I’ve always preferred celebrating the way we always have.

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Hi everyone, I am Lupe from
I wanted to thank Lucy for allowing me to write this guest post about my feelings towards Halloween.
Halloween reminds me of watching movies like, “Hocus Pocus”, “Twitches” and “Halloweentown” which are amazing Disney movies. Halloween was so exciting when I was younger, but is not a day I watch movies and handout candy.
Now that I am 21, I realize that Halloween is an excuse for people to go out and party, to be risque about their fashion choice, and for one moment, not care what everyone thinks.
Sometimes I’ll go with my friends to a party, but I mostly spend it at home, working on homework if it lands on a weekday.
I still love walking around my neighborhood and seeing all the extravagant decorations some people have, while checking to see if the ones I used to love as a kid are still present.
Over time, I’ve stopped eating candy, which is the only part that used to excite me.  I don’t love Halloween, but I could never hate it. As I grew up it lost its childish appeal, but having a day where everyone just seems to take a break from their daily routines and spend time being silly and wearing costumes is a great thing to see.


How can you not love Halloween?! The sweets, an excuse to dress up and seeing everyone else dressed up having fun. I mean maybe some of the costumes nowadays aren’t exactly Halloween in my eyes I mean come on a crayon? But, I love the fact that for one night you can be who you want to be. I always wanted to be a witch or a cat growing up, every single year. But, now I’m a lot older Halloween has become a night where I experiment with makeup. My favourite look has to be this gory creation I did a couple of years ago.

Not only do you get to dress up but you get so much candy! Trick or treating was my favourite thing. I loved the variety of sweets you got from chocolate bars to sweets. I once even got 50p! Now, that I’m older I feel like the roles have reversed and I’m that person opening the door cooing over all the small children’s costumes and handing out sweets. But, I love it. I have to say it does make my night when someone arrives on your doorstep in a homemade costume that they’ve spent time making.

For me, Halloween this year will consist of handing out sweets to children, turning the lights off and pretending we’re not home when we run out of sweets and listening to the monster mash on repeat. But, if i’m being honest from the beginning of October until Halloween will be spent consuming Halloween themed sweets, watching scary films and decorating my flat, which I’m sure my boyfriend will take down when I’m out.


Halloween and I have a complicated relationship. When I was a young girl growing up in the city, I watched from our third story apartment as other children were paraded around from building to building picking up their sweet treats. I would glance over at the Mrs. Piggie costume my aunt had purchased for me and wonder why the rest of my family believed this holiday to be so evil. That is my first memory of Halloween.

Coming from a religiously conservative family, Halloween was not an option for the children in my family. Every year I watched my friends dress up and every year I sat at home wondering what was so bad about collecting candy from your neighbors. I vowed that when I had my own children, we would dress up each year and walk all the neighborhoods we could.

I now have four children (three of them teens), and though I have taken them out for Halloween, I have not done so each year. Though my religious beliefs do not impede me from participating, I simply no longer see the appeal. Call me lazy, I don’t know. But there is nothing exciting to me about asking strangers for candy.

I’d rather take my family out to a nice meal and buy them all the candy they want later. I know, I know… it’s not the same. I’m just the kind of person who wouldn’t ask someone for something even if I really needed it, let alone ask for junk food when my kitchen is stocked full. It just makes me feel uncomfortable.

My children enjoy it, though the few times we have missed it did not seem to bother them as they were properly compensated with their own shopping trip down the candy aisle.

So how do I feel about Halloween? Ask me that morning and I will tell you. I may be up for it or I may not. Either way my kiddos get candy and they are happy. Doesn’t really matter if I buy it or they beg for it as long as they have some at the end of the day.

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