october blogging

October Blogging Goals

october blogging

Septembers goals were not met but I’m not disappointed. The truth is I didn’t work hard enough on social media to reap the rewards, so to speak. Being a blogger is hard work and sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of everything. So I’m going to start afresh for October with some new ones. These are not going to include a numerical value because I’d like to focus more on talking with other bloggers.

Engage with more Bloggers

I’ve never been great at keeping on top of twitter chats or generally communicating with other bloggers. In August and September, I did manage to make some small improvements in this area and have made some new blogging pals! This was much a shock for me as anyone else who knows me probably. For this month, I’m going to try keeping a note on when twitter chats are happening and taking part in them. They’re such a great way to connect with others bloggers and find more great content to read!

Keep on top of content

I’ve been doing really well with this actually over the past few months. With university starting up again, I have grown increasingly concerned about being bale to keep on top of content. I have a lot scheduled, and more guest posts coming in due course. But still, I’d like to have all of November and December scheduled by the end of October. I’m clearly very ambitious but hoping for the best.

Finish my TBR List

There will be a new one very soon as I have actually finished the majority of the books on my current one. Go me! This months will obviously be Halloween themed by being all dark and psycho-thrillery. No promises I’ll finish every single book. I set out to read because I have a lot going on, but I will try my best as always. I’m going to take my TBR pile down to three or four books a time while I’m back at uni. Don’t forget if you are a fellow book blogger then head over to @BookBlogRT and give me a follow. I’m still RT’ing your reviews over there and up for a good bookish chat.


Until Next Time,

Luce xo

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