Why I’m Not Taking Part In Blogtober


I had an entire post written out as an introduction to Blogtober. As it turns out, I’ve decided not to participate this year. I joined a group chat to prepare for it and everything. The thing is I know for a fine fact I can’t post every single day of October, or any month for that matter.

I love Halloween and Autumn which is why there will still be posts going up related to both topics. However, they won’t necessarily fall under a Blogtober umbrella. I start back at University in October so finding time to write every day would be a miracle/impossible. I’m not terrible at scheduling posts, I’m doing really well with it actually. But even scheduling means having to write a lot of posts in one go and I don’t want to burnout. Not when Uni is starting again.

The Twitter Book Club

Since I’m still doing Halloween and Autumn related posts I’d love to involve the Twitter Book Club. The reason I mention it now is because I want more of you lovely lot to get involved. The Book Club’s theme for October is Crime/Thriller novels and we are open to suggestions.

Our Twitter Book Club is done via a Group DM so if you’d like to be added to it then let me know by posting your twitter handle in the comments. The reason I started the Twitter Book Club is because it’s been a little difficult finding other book bloggers in the community. Each month a new book gets selected by one of the club members for the rest of the group to read and review. There is also a new RT account for book bloggers, made by yours truly, find it on twitter @BookBlogRT. This is where all the groups posts are shared and we do weekly follow threads and chats. Hope to see more of you on there!


Until Next Time,

Luce xo


  • Megan

    I’m the same with this really. I love the idea of Blogtober but I feel like I’d just be forcing myself to do something I don’t enjoy doing, it makes blogging way too much like a job. Thanks for the more refreshing perspective 🙂

    • lhope884

      Yeah in theory, it’s a nice idea, but in practice it’s a different thing altogether. I’m glad I’m not alone in these thoughts. Thank you for reading this post!

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