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Your Favourite Things about Autumn (Guest Post)


A little while ago on twitter I asked if anyone would like to take part in a guest post about Autumn. I got a huge response and I want to say a big thank you for that. This post wouldn’t even exist if you lovely lot didn’t want to take part. Honestly, I’d been put off doing guest posts for the longest time. When I first started blogging, it seemed as if it was people logging into your site and writing their own stuff whenever they pleased. Since then, I’ve realised that is absolutely not the case. This is a chance for me to give back to the blogging community by sharing even short snippets of the great work you all do. Without further ado, these are your favourite things about Autumn.


My favourite thing about Autumn has to be the lowering temperature! After spending the last two months of hot nights being unable to sleep under the covers, I always look forward to the moment I’ll be able to finally sleep under the duvet, cuddled up with a blanket. It’s such a nice sensation to be freezing cold and shivering, and then being able to put on my favourite hoodie and warm myself up under the covers. Also waking up in the morning, feeling toasty in my bed while the outside world is ice cold (which is nice as long as you don’t have to get up!). That and having nice hot baths again!

One of the best things is coming home in from the cold and jumping in a warm bath. After which, of course, dressing into comfy clothes and grabbing a hot cup of tea, a good ol’ Pot Noodle, and snuggling up with a blanket and a book. I also love being able to wear warm hats and scarves, it’s like snuggling up in a warm blanket even when out in public! And I just recently fell in love with gloves again. Even though I can’t use my phone, I can’t believe I underestimated the massive difference that wearing gloves has. Basically, as long as every part of my body is snuggled up and not over-heating, I’m happy!

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Emily Aagaard:

Autumn is my 2nd favourite season just because, I love the sun! I would chase it around the world if I could afford to but unfortunately, I can’t. But then I would also miss out on everything Autumn has to offer. It may not be my favourite but it is definitely the prettiest.

Autumn triggers so many thoughts for me. Warm blankets, comfort food cooked in the slow cooker and big wooly cardigans (because it’s not quite cold enough for a coat). It’s the time of year where it becomes acceptable to put your pyjamas on as soon as you come in from work. And also to drink pumpkin spiced everything! My nice warm slipper socks will make an appearance again and I will use the colder nights as an excuse to curl up on the sofa and not go out.

There’s something about the warm autumnal hues that’s very romantic. The trees are all beautiful shades where the leaves are turning brown. You can completely understand why photographers love doing photo shoots in the autumn! I have some gorgeous pictures I took of my daughter when she was little playing in a pile of brown leaves. She had fun but the pictures also came out absolutely stunning!

I’m gutted summer seems to be coming to an end but I am looking forward to what comes next! Roll on pyjamas, blankets and warm mugs of drink.

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The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, that hint of orange that isn’t to orange or that red that makes you think of warmth. The oversized comfy sweaters and tastes of hot chocolate rushing through your veins. The Harry Potter ‘re runs on the BBC which have become a Christmas tradition. The way the leaves change from green to crisp brown. How many pumpkins you can carry to get those photo ops and the excitement of picking out your Halloween costume. Cuddling up on the sofa or throwing your dressing gown on as your dad is still convinced, “it’s not cold!” Waking up to brisk cold mornings or that smell of fresh rain, clears the air and relaxes you.

Life moves much slower during the colder months and it becomes more intimate, more about family and creating memories through happiness. This is why I love Autumn. It’s beautiful in all it’s graces.

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I love summer and I love all the spontaneity and adventures that go with it. I live in a part of the world that spends nearly half of the year buried in snow, so the short burst of warm weather is always highly anticipated. It’s wonderful, but autumn is still my favourite season by far.

As someone who craves routine, stepping into autumn is bit like a breath of fresh air. Regular year-round activities start again, and life seems to calm down a little. As the trees begin to change and the air gets that crisp edge to it, it’s almost like New Year’s Eve; the anticipation feels much the same to me. I’ve always been someone who set intentions for each autumn as school, then university started and I still keep up the practice now despite no longer being a student. I will happily grab hold of any excuse for a fresh start, and that shift into autumn always brings the prospect of beautiful newness: new opportunities, new life rhythms, new reasons to sit around the fire and spend time with the people who matter most. There is an incredible sense of hope hidden there among the fallen leaves, hope that there is a time and a place for everything, for all of us.

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The best thing about autumn for me is the clear transition between summer and winter. It’s not quite freezing cold yet, but not scorching hot anymore. It is the transition from sunglasses, shorts and vests into tights, coats, scarves and boots. It’s the time when the smell of warm cinnamon  takes over as companies start bringing out winter fragrances and Starbucks pumpkin spice makes its famous return. My favourite part about it all is that the clocks then go back and the dark nights set in, so comfy nights on the sofa with movies and hot chocolate starts to become a regularity and the excitement for Halloween starts to overtake. Shops begin to stock frightening clown masks and mugs with blood blood splatters on them and scary toilet seat covers for Halloween parties. Children start planning what costumes they’re going to wear and practicing ‘the sky is blue, the grass is green’ over and over until they have it nailed.

In all, autumn is my absolute favourite season as it what I class as the cosiest season of the year. It’s a time when everyone is excited to blast the fire and sit in pyjamas and not even think twice about it. It truly is the best season of all.

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