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My September Blogging Goals

Hey everyone,

I’m extremely happy to announce that My August Blogging Goals were all met. All the support and love my blog has received means the world to me, thank you all so much. This month I’m going to put some numbers to the goals as I didn’t last month. I was giving the blog a rebirth and didn’t want to be concerned by numbers.

Get to 500 Instagram Followers

Growing on Instagram is a really difficult task. They seem almost desperate to get people to pay for ads to be shown to your own followers. There’s some backwards logic involved in that one which is why I won’t be investing anymore money into that side of things. However, I will still be using Instagram for my blog and would love to finally reach 500 followers. If anyone wants to help out with this I’ll love you forever?

Get 150 Blog Followers

When you’ve worked so hard on something, it’s lovely to see it succeed. This is why I’d love to reach 150 followers on here. I love this space I’ve created for all my weird and wonderful thoughts. And I really hope you’re all loving it to. It’s taken a lot of time, money and effort to get the blog looking the way I wanted it too. There was a lot of changes that needed to be made. If you love my blog, please give it a follow. I’d really appreciate it.

Get all posts Scheduled for Blogtober

I said this year I would get involved with Blogtober. With university starting again In October, I’m trying my best to be prepared in advance. Don’t count on a post going up every day because I might have to cut it down to 3 times a week. I’ll be really busy and university has to come first.

Finish My ‘To Be Read’ Pile

I’ve become notorious for not being able to read all the books I set out to read. However this month I’m going to read them all. All these fantastic books sit staring at me every day and it’s time I read them all. I plan on making Thursdays all about books.

Bring the Book Blogger community Together

It’s fair to say I can’t achieve this one on my own. I noticed that there’s really no place where book bloggers connect with one another and publishers/authors. That’s why I’ve created @BookBlogRT on twitter and would love if all you lovely book bloggers could join me over there. I’ll be rt’ing all your book posts and developing the Book Club! I’ll speak more about that on the account though.

Well that’s my goals for this month, I’d love to know what all of yours are!

Until Next Time,

Luce xo

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