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Just Friends by Billy Taylor (Review)

Just Friends By Billy Taylor
*spoiler alert*

August and Ethan have been best friends since the day they met at Ethan’s seventh birthday party.

And, now, twelve years on, their friendship continues to grow.

But after magic, fame, money and an unexplainable miracle in a car accident, August realises maybe she wants to be more than just friends.


Just Friends has everything a true chick-lit should: humour, romance and complete heartbreak. What more could you ask for? Initially, all the characters start of as friends, but it’s obvious that Ethan and August hold torches for each other. Regardless of how far into the book you have to get to find that out; it’s obvious from the first chapter. It wouldn’t be classed as a romance unless characters were in love with each other, right? Alas, it has such a lovely story-line that it’s easy to surpass the sporadic clichés.

Once you’re reeled in by it, you’ll be undeniably hooked. It’s such an easy read with plot twists galore. I must admit, I’m a sucker for a plot twist! The numerous posts on twitter about this novel are what intrigued me into reading it. I don’t regret that choice one bit. It’s a joy to see how relationships between the characters develop and flourish because there’s many novels where they dive straight into the romance without any initial friendship backstory. Just Friends is a real breath of fresh air to the romance world for that reason. Although, it can be a tad slow getting into it at times.

Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of grammatical mistakes throughout the novel. If that’s off-putting for you then it’s possible you won’t enjoy this book as much as many others have. In saying this, I’d seriously give this book a read because you’d be missing out on a fantastic novel over a few errors.

All in all, I’d recommend this book to teens, mainly girls as that’s definitely the intended demographic for this novel. Give it a read, I swear you won’t regret it! Prepare to fall in love with the characters, and be heartbroken when you discover the secrets that unfold as the story progresses. Keep some tissues by your side; I guarantee there’ll be plenty of tears. Just Friends gets 4/5 stars from me.

Until next time,
Luce xo
Disclaimer: This was a post I wrote back in 2016 so there is a chance my opinions about this novel could since have changed. If I ever re-read it, I will update this post accordingly. I decided to share this because I pride myself on always being honest with my readers.


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