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My time in Egypt: Days 1 & 2


So since I haven’t stopped talking about it recently, I’ve been to Egypt for a holiday. I wanted to fill you all in on what I did while I was there. Now, this won’t necessarily link up with others travel accounts because I was staying with a friend. Therefore, some of my experiences will be completely different which means you may come across new things about Egypt you didn’t previously know! Without further ado, here’s all that happened on Days 1 and 2 of our trip.


Day 1

We arrived into Cairo for 8:20am after a several hour long flight. It’s fair to say my pal and I were exhausted, but the travelling wasn’t over just yet. Oh no, we had a 2 hour car ride to Alexandria to contend with. I slept for the majority of it because at that point, I would have been happy sleeping on a washing line. Our driver was friendly, but he couldn’t speak English so my friend was the only one able to speak with him. If you’re staying with a tour group chances are they’ll have all the airport transfers and stuff arranged for you.

During the car journey, we stopped along at niche honey and olive stores as it turns out drivers make stop off points for other customers along the way. I’ve genuinely never seen one person buy so much honey before in my life. As I mentioned in my Egypt Travel Guide, the roads in Egypt are pretty crazy most of the time so don’t be alarmed if they’re hitting 70mph consistently. Our journey was relatively quiet on the roads due to it being Ramadan and most people don’t come out until the evening during the religious period.

Once we arrived in Alexandria, I was astounded by the heat and the beauty of the area. Sandstone buildings are a sight for sore eyes, absolutely stunning. I tried to get some pics of them on our other car journeys but they aren’t all that great. We ended up crashing in our room at my friends parents house for a few hours before dinner which was roughly 7:15pm. Then at 10pm we went out with my friend’s friend to the beach and a street food restaurant. The restaurant was literally called ‘Street Food’ but nearly everything was so delicious and covered in cheese. They do this scrambled egg in Egypt that’s mixed with ‘fake bacon’ – as it was described to me – and I fell in love with it. Who’d have thought scrambled egg could make such a big impression? Not to forget Mango Smoothies – they are to die for!


Day 2
The Roman Theatre

The last part of Day 1 links with day 2 as it was about 2am when we ate the Street Food restaurant. However Day 2 consisted of a trip to the beautiful Roman Theatre. A little bit of background – The Roman Theatre was built during the Roman Period of Egypt and it may be mostly in ruins today, but it is still in a fantastic condition. It is believed to date back to 2nd century A.D. and every part of the site has information boards giving you fairly detailed descriptions of what each part of the ruin is and what it was used for. One part that’s fantastic is they have an area of sculptures where you can see them excavating/transporting them in pictures behind them. If you’re a student travelling in Egypt, take your student card because you get discounted rates for different excursions.

Boat Ride on the Med

Our next activity was a boat ride on the Med. Needless to say, I was terrified for most of the journey. We were on this tiny boat and the current kept making it seem as the boat could capsize at any moment. My friends stood on the edge of the front of the boat at one point and asked me to take a picture. I felt physically sick just watching them. All in all, it was a great experience because the views of the skyline were beautiful. Along the beach there are some little stalls set up where you can buy souvenirs. It’s worth checking them out while you’re there too.

The Aquarium

Since this was such a busy day, our final trip was to a lovely but small Aquarium. I took so many pictures of fish because my sister adores them so I’ll be posting those as well. Honestly, the trips all seemed to be fairly inexpensive especially with the student discount. After all this excitement, we went back to the apartment and had food.

Chilling at The Moto Cafe

As for the final part of our day we went and chilled at this place called The Moto Cafe.┬áThe desserts here sounded amazing and if I had enough space left to eat I would’ve tried one of them. My drink was kinda too sugary which can be an issue with iced coffee drinks. But we had a really good time and played backgammon for a few hours.

So, that’s it for Days 1 & 2 of my holiday in Egypt. Pretty cool right? What did you find most interesting from my firsts couple of days there?


Until next time,

Luce xo





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