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Primark Private Collection Room Sprays [Review]


After a few long weeks, I am back! Honestly, I ended up drowning in exam revision and finding time to write was an impossible task. Having a pulled calf muscle has left me bed ridden so I figured this was the time to actually focus on writing. This also I’ll have to hit the pause button for a couple of days on my fitness routine to let my leg heal.

Anyway, that was just me rambling about… well, me actually. But less of that, I want to tell you all about Primark ‘Private Collection’ Room Sprays. You may have seen them described as ‘Jo Malone’ dupes – I can’t give much insight on that as I’ve never tried Jo Malone products before. However,  I appreciate a good scented product when I find one – and these little beauties are no exception. On my hunt for holiday clothes, I couldn’t stop by the home section and not go a bit wild. I got two scents: Jasmine and Honey & Vanilla Absolute.


Jasmine and Honey

I am all for sweet scents and this is one that I just adore. It’s strong but not overpowering if you’re into sweet aromas. There is a very subtle hint of jasmine which makes it slightly musky and the honey gives the added sweetness. I got this for £3 which is a complete bargain for something that smells this good. I actually like the simplistic design as well, no need for anything fancy when this scent can sell itself. You only need to spray it twice to fill your whole room with the gorgeous smell of Jasmine and Honey.


Vanilla Absolute

Truthfully, I did have a certain alcoholic beverage in mind when I came across this one. I adore the smell of vanilla, so sweet and poignant. This one can be a tad overpowering if vanilla is not a scent you like. It is still a beautiful aroma, just stronger than the Jasmine and Honey. Also priced at £3 – both were reduced from £6 – it is well worth the money. This one only needs two spritz’ because it is quite strong.

All in all, these room sprays are so worth the money. For £3, you really can’t go wrong with them. I’ve said the word ‘sweet’ so many times in this post that it doesn’t actually look like a real word anymore. But never mind, hope you’ve enjoyed my rambling about room sprays. Let me know what your fave room sprays are – I’m always on the hunt for anything that will make me or my room smell amazing so any suggestions are welcome!


Until next time,

Luce xo


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