• Absolut Vanilla Primark Room Spray

    Primark Private Collection Room Sprays [Review]

    ‘Ello, After a few long weeks, I am back! Honestly, I ended up drowning in exam revision and finding time to write was an impossible task. Having a pulled calf muscle has left me bed ridden so I figured this was the time to actually focus on writing. This also I’ll have to hit the pause button for a couple of days on my fitness routine to let my leg heal. Anyway, that was just me rambling about… well, me actually. But less of that, I want to tell you all about Primark ‘Private Collection’ Room Sprays. You may have seen them described as ‘Jo Malone’ dupes – I can’t…

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    The Beginning of a new Fitness Journey

    ‘Ello, If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed I’ve recently been uploading screenshots of my fitness progress. I want to stress that I’m not a fitness guru or expert; I’m just a girl restarting her fitness journey. I have had a hard week – as I imagine many of us have. There’s been tears shed and levels of stress I didn’t even think I could reach. Working out at the gym has definitely helped keep my mental health in check for the most part. I’ve been on and off with my fitness journey for a few years. There’s been plenty of occasions where I’ve worked out for…