What happened to ‘My Veggie Diary’?


Well, back last August/September I embarked on a grand mission to become a vegetarian which I wrote a couple of blog posts about. Unfortunately, they stopped happening after the second post. I felt I owed an explanation as to why.
First and foremost, I stopped being a vegetarian after two months which, if anything, is a bit pitiful. I really tried to stick with it though. My main issues were being fatigued and feeling low a lot of the time. I couldn’t ignore that this had to be due to the diet change. I’d thoroughly researched becoming a vegetarian before I gave it a go, but it was much harder than I thought it would be.

Uni started up again and that’s when I really began to feel the effects of fatigue. I struggle to get out of bed most days, but adding a vegetarian diet into the mix absolutely exhausted me. That’s not to say I didn’t get up and get on with my day, I had to, so I did. But it was nothing short of a difficult task.

In saying all this, I would still consider trying vegetarianism again for all the reasons expressed in this post. I felt guilty giving up on it, truly. I feel I just started the journey at the wrong time. Maybe I wasn’t committed enough either. I found that getting meals out became a pain because there weren’t many veggie options available. That surprised me given there’s millions of vegetarians worldwide and yet, it was ridiculous trying to find somewhere to eat. Also, I live at home. It wasn’t fair for my parents to have to buy veggie food just for me. Veggie food isn’t always the cheapest option.

So for those reasons, I gave up on vegetarianism. Sorry. And that is all I have left to say on the matter.

Until next time,

Luce xo

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