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Latest Stationery Buys

I’ve never actually done a post about stationery before. Let me tell you, I love my stationery so I should have done one by now. This post includes all the buys from my latest stationery mini-haul and all were bought from Wilkinsons Decelerate range which is ‘inspired by nature’.

Desk Calendar

I’ve never owned one in my life. Honestly, never understood the point of them but I think I get it now… Have you seen how pretty it is? Instead of my desk looking like an ugly mess, it adds a lovely pop of colour and pizazz to the layout. Gold looks so fancy, my stationary loving heart is all over these golden delights. The marble accents are to die for. For £2.50, you can’t go wrong!

Pot & Pens

Gold, gold, gold. The colour can make anything look fancy. This includes my lovely new pens. Truthfully, I’m a teeny bit obsessed with coloured pens. I’m now especially obsessed with these ‘Decelerate Fineliners’ as they have such pretty patterns on them. I bought the fancy shmancy ‘Decelerate Pen’ that matches the rest of the stationery too. I normally buy the packs of pens for £2, but I splashed out a little and got this one for £2.50. The gold pen pot was a must as I usually have pens strewn all over my desk looking like one big mess. That all changed once I bought this £2.50 pen pot.

A5 Project Book

It is almost embarrassing how many notebooks I own. At this point, I’m basically a hoarder. So, I saw this pretty thing and obviously couldn’t resist. Again, with the gold and marble accents that I love so much. I mean why why get the pens without something to write on? That was my reasoning behind buying another notebook anyway. At £2.75, it is a bargain buy in my opinion!

I am all for a bargain and all these stationery goodies came to (approx) £13… Seriously, no expense spared with this lot. This range is so worth the money as well as I find all the products are really good quality and lovely to look at. Next time you need new stationary buys (and you live in the UK) pop into Wilkonsons and go wild!

I’d like to take a quick moment to thank my friend Luke for taking the pictures for me too – my camera’s are bust and I’m still learning how to take good blog pics. So, it’s very appreciated and his instagram is @lukeblaney96 if you want to check out the rest of his photography.

Until Next Time,

Luce xo

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