Does 'Black Panther' live up to the hype? (Review)

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It’s been a while but I am back! I went through a phase of being uninspired and suffering from writers block but I am ready to start doing posts again. Hurrah! I recently saw Black Panther and figured I’d give you lovely lot my take on it.

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slight spoiler alert
Black Panther is easily one of Marvel’s most anticipated films to ever be released. The reason being is it’s the first film to have an exclusively mostly black cast.
The film starts out with main character T’Challa (a.k.a Black Panther/actor Chadwick Boseman), losing his father (the King of Wakanda) returning home to take his father’s place as King.
The journey takes a few unexpected and interesting turns as the film progresses and shows how far some of the characters are willing to go to protect their land, Wakanda.
Then comes along the villian of the film, Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), to take all of the pride and glory from T’Challa and avenge his own fathers death.
It is a good film with an exceptional cast. T’Challa’s sister, Shuri (Latitia Wright) was sassy and intelligent which made her take top spot as my favourite character in the film.
Praise must be given to the actors as their performances were amazing throughout. The cultural aspects of the film were incredibly interesting and gave it an edge that other movies have lacked.
The slight downfall of the movie was the CGI… oh, boy. All I’ll say is watch out for the Rhino’s, it shouldn’t be hard to see what I mean.
Kudos to Marvel for moving with the times, and moving in the right direction towards equality in the industry. Albeit, there’s still a lot more to be done but it is a good and welcomed start.
Overall, the film can be given a solid four-star rating and I would recommend that everyone goes to see it.

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  • Abi Nunn

    Absolutely loved Black Panther, It’s actually a film I want to go and watch again and again! I listened to the soundtrack first on Spotify because I’m a big fan of Kendrick Lamar and i think that’s what made me loved the film so much!

    • lhope884

      Yeah, I did really enjoy it in the end. The CGI was the only real issue I had with it. I went into the film with no idea about it. Hadn’t the foggiest what I was about to watch, but I’m glad I did because it made me take a neutral stance on the film with no outside influences to take away from my own opinions of the film. I would definitely watch it again 🙂

  • shradysstyle

    I watched this movie on Friday and enjoyed it a lot! I thought it was a little log and draggin at places.. but it was a great backstory type movie for the new hero. 🙂 I would’ve given it 4 stars as well

    • lhope884

      I completely agree. I love when characters are given good backstories which I feel some other recent movies have lacked recently! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  • Michelle (@dressingwstyles)

    I saw this on Thursday night and I absolutely loved it. Black Panther was one of the first comic books that I read and I was ecstatic to finally see it on the big screen. I loved the characters, everyone was so beautiful and wonderful actors. I also loved the Afro-centric story-line.
    Great review! x

  • Whitney Loren

    I really wanted to watch this but haven’t yet had the time to go! My boyfriend however did, and he said it was amazing and is now on his top 5 marvel movie list!! x

    • lhope884

      Oo see it ASAP! I think it’s an overall crowd pleaser from the comments I’ve seen. Hope you get the time to go soon! x

  • Ellyn Rebecca

    I am a big Marvel fan but I’ve missed a few and I always feel with Marvel because they are all connected, once you miss one, there will be a whole part of the story that you won’t get! So I really need to catch up because I really want to see this!! I really hope the casting choices in this film continues to be reflected not only in Marvel but the rest of cinema!
    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

    • lhope884

      I definitely need to watch more marvel films, I’ve seen a few but could do with broadening my knowledge! I agree, the casting choices for this film were perfect! Thank you for commenting x

  • sharnahsblog

    I went to watch this film yesterday and loved it! I think I agree with you though, it doesn’t quite get 5 out of 5 stars, although it was pretty amazing! I didn’t notice anything bad about the rhinos though:(

    • lhope884

      I agree! I think it was maybe the ending that was lacking. A lovely ending, but needed more. Oh, it was most likely my critical film reviewing eye that caught it being a bit off? Still, a great film either way

    • lhope884

      I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if it was mine at first! My tastes have changed a lot being around film students most of my time ? thank you! Go see it ❤️

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