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A letter to my future self

NYC reading with Hans Christian Anderson @ Central Park
‘Ello ‘ello,

I fancied trying something a little different. I’ve decided to take the plunge and write a letter to my future self. The idea has always appealed to me but I just had no idea where to start. However, I’ve been inspired by events that have happened recently and decided now is the time to write it. So, let’s begin…

To my future self, 

Since you wrote this post a lot of things have probably changed. You might have graduated from university and landed a dream job with a PR agency. Those travel plans you had might have become a reality. Everything could be going so well for you. Might have even bought a new car, house and created a family of your own too. But remember when you were 20 and writing this? You had no clue what would happen next. For some reason, so many things seemed so out of your reach. Passing your driving test for one… Damn, you badly wanted to pass that test and have your own car. Truth be told, you’d had your eyes locked on a Citreon C1 for ages. Nothing to expensive, but cute and ideal for getting from A to B. An ideal first car that you were saving up to buy.

‘I hope you’re happiest where you are now.’

Money worried you so much and you never really knew why. You had a job as well as your student loan at the time, and yet, finances still felt so uncertain. Everyone else you knew seemed to be cool living in the now and spending loads of money doing great things. But you worried quite a lot about that. I hope that you’re not worrying now. You’ve worked so hard to be where you’re at today, probably had a few jobs by this time, but I hope your happiest where you are now.

The past should be just that, the past. All those silly things that were bothering you while writing this, I hope you don’t even remember them now. They weren’t worth your time then, and they aren’t now. Moving on is key to survival as living in the past is what can ruin a person and you were so hard on yourself back then.

‘You were always stronger than that.’

For the longest time, you blamed yourself for every minuscule thing that went wrong in your life when some of it was purely situational. You criticised yourself too much and let others bring you down when they had no right to. You were always stronger than that and you knew it. I hope you still know that now. Keep growing as a person and don’t let anyone stand in the way of what you want to achieve. Don’t let anyone else tell you who to be.

‘You didn’t know how to be with another person.’

Looking back a lot of great things have happened, you fell in love for one which is one of the things that surprised you the most. Christ, you of all people in relationship, who’d have thunk? It was just as strange to you after the longest time being single, you didn’t know how to be with another person. But you learnt how to be and he helped you. Truth be told, he’ll hate you for writing all this soppy sh*t which is definitely what he’d call it. He’ll be sat cringing away asking, “why did you have to put that in?”.

The truth is, this is about your 20-year-old self’s journey and he was heavily involved in that. He deserves to be spoken about whether he wants to be or not. He helped you grow and become a better person even if he was the most annoying human being you knew sometimes. So thanks to him and hopefully you’re still together now. If not, don’t be bitter about it because it was all worth it.

‘Don’t regret it, reflect on it.’

Some of the friendships you had were destined to stay strong. I hope those friends you held so dearly then are still your friends now. Your motto for friendships became, “If they’re worth it, they’ll make an effort. If they’re not, get rid of them.” Which is what 20-year-old you did. You had no time for bs; you were far too busy for that. Remember those who stuck by you through thick and thin, even if you don’t speak to them anymore. They also helped shape you into who you are today. Drop the grudges, and be thankful to them too.

Some of those friends might have broke your heart, but they taught you how to be a good friend to someone else from the mistakes they made with you. There will have been times you made mistakes to and you know that. But don’t regret it, reflect on it. Become a better person and friend from the mistakes you made. Stop blaming only yourself for things falling apart, it’s not worth it.

There’s so much more I could write to my future self, but it’s time to conclude it here before I get even more carried away. This post was so theraputic to write and I recommend you all to give it a go yourselves. I hope some of you can also relate to this letter and leave comments about any other things you’d like to tell your future self! I also wrote a letter to my younger self too.

Until next time,

Luce xo



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