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My Veggie Diary: Week Two

Feeling Quorn-y?

Since you all seemed to enjoy My Veggie Diary: Week One so much, I figured why not continue it! Week Two has been a wobbly one and you’ll see why when you read further through the days. The veggie diet isn’t as plain sailing as it seems!
31st July – Monday
Well to put it bluntly, I woke up with an upset stomach. It was fairly unsettled during the first week as well but not quite this severe. Might be more to do with the cheese pizza I ate more than the change in diets though. Still, it wasn’t nice or pretty. Hoping that side of things settled down soon. I didn’t find sticking with the vegetarian diet difficult though, even with the poorly tummy. I hope it stays that way for the rest of the week.
Spectrum Collection – Pink Brushes

1st august – Tuesday 
There wasn’t much to eat for me today, or at least nothing that I fancied eating which  was quite problematic. I imagine being at work was the reason for this as there’s not much I can eat there. Also got some pretty new makeup brushes today – Spectrum Collection and they’re cruelty-free, yey! Man I ate so much popcorn and many Doritos. But I regret nothing! You’ve got to indulge from time to time or eating just gets boring!
2nd August – Wednesday
Bought some new quorn products today: “ham”, “steak pie” & tikka masala. Although the range isn’t large, there’s still quite a few meals to choose from. I’ll benefit from making homemade meals as well because it’s easier to control what you’re eating that way. I tried to go to the gym today but turns out my gym is being renovated at the moment which is highly inconvenient. But not to worry, I’ll do at home workouts instead when I get the chance.
3rd August – Thursday 
Man, it has been a day and a half. Haven’t eaten much because I’ve not had much of an appetite. My stomach feels horrid and I’m probably on course for a stomach bug which is really not what I need right now – or ever! But nevertheless, I ate a Quorn “steak” pie last night and really enjoyed it. Although, the top was basically solid by the top it was finished cooking so I just ate the bottom of it. Chances are it was a tad overcooked but never mind, was still good! I won’t lie I’ve really craved a bacon sandwich or pepperoni pizza but I have resisted temptation. Hopefully tomorrow I’m feeling a bit better and can properly crack on with the veggie diet.
4th august – Friday
Not had a great day again, tummy has still been a bit iffy. I haven’t really fancied eating again today. I only did because I would’ve collapsed from hunger if I hadn’t so. I’m struggling to tell if it’s the veggie diet making me feel bad or if my body just wants to rest. Maybe it’s a mix of both but I’m honestly not sure. I’m craving ice cream; the Spar’s own range is mostly vegetarian and cheaper than any other ice cream they sell. I mainly mention that one because I’m pretty sure I have some. Hopefully I feel a bit better soon. I have been craving meat again today but I’m assuming that’s because I’m feeling icky.
Barry M Speed Quick Dry – Speed Demon

5th August – Saturday 
Today has been a better day which is good news! Not eating properly was starting to drive me slightly mad. Had a huge meal for tea/dinner because I’d hardly eaten today and my tummy was telling me off. Two quorn “chicken” burgers, chips and sweetcorn; nothing fancy but it filled a hole! Now it hasn’t been all great because I did eat a Cornetto which I discovered afterwards isn’t vegetarian friendly. They taste so good so that upsets me. Why did you have to let me down, Walls/Cornetto?! Painted my nails cute pink shade today by Barry M… Did you know they’re cruelty free/vegan? Woo, go Barry M!
6th August – Sunday
Well, that is the first two weeks of being vegetarian finished. I’ll be honest, it’s been a lot more difficult this week to not eat meat products. I’ve struggled most days this week to not eat a bacon sandwich or chicken curry, but I’ve only made one slip up and that was cornetto. My energy levels have depleted dramatically this week but after a long week at work, I’m sure anybody’s would! I’m busy researching cruelty free beauty brands and I’m going to try to gradually switch all my makeup to cruelty free/vegan products. It might be quite difficult but I’ve been happy to discover so far that Urban Decay and Anastasia Beverly Hills are both cruelty free brands, thank the lord! Also, I bought a Zoeva eyeshadow palette and they’re a cruetly free brand so go check them out! If you have suggestions of other beauty brands I could try, comment them below!
Hope you’ve enjoyed Week Two of My Veggie Diary! Have you tried any vegetarian meals recently that have been super tasty? Let me know about them! Week Three should hopefully be much better than this week given all the problems that have cropped up.

Until next time,

Luce xo


    • lhope884

      I’m doing much better today, thank you! It’s been a difficult week. I haven’t made the full switch in all products yet, I feel it might just be my body adjusting to having no animal meat. It’ll sort itself out I’m sure! 13 years?! That’s so great! I hope I manage to be a vegetarian for the rest of my life now. 🙂

    • lhope884

      Hey, thank you I’m starting to feel much better now! I’ve been really tempted to try quinoa for a while now and for some reason I havent! So I might give it a go soon. Thanks for the suggestions x

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