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My Veggie Diary: Week One

Hello all,
So over this past week I started trialling a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. I’ve been a meat eater my whole life and finally decided to cut it out of my diet. Fish has also been banished but it didn’t play a large part in my diet anyway. My reasons are as follows: the health benefits from a vegetarian diet and I just really don’t want to eat animal meats anymore. Believe it or not, it was sharks that inspired me to stop eating animal meat. I went on this huge twitter rant about the unnecessary bad reputation that sharks have and then thought, “fuck it, I don’t want to eat any animal meat anymore”. I had actually been considering a veggie diet for a while but finally took the plunge on Monday…
I suppose the great thing about a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet is there are still a lot of foods you can eat. I could never go full vegan because I’m telling you now, I wouldn’t survive without eggs and dairy in my life. Sorry! So, vegetarian was my next best option. Let me take you through a day-by-day run through of how it’s going so far…
Day One – Monday 24th July
Honestly, it didn’t feel that different. I ate eggy bread and a cheese and tomato toastie as main meals that day and that suited me nicely. They were foods I’d normally eat so it was easy. Day one went well, I had zero temptation to stray from the veggie diet. Success!
Day Two – Tuesday 25th July
I’ll be honest, it was a little more of a struggle. I work with a lot of food that contains animal meat in my day job which makes a veggie diet quite difficult. There are limited products I can now eat at work which isn’t too big of a deal but it does make lunch time a little more difficult when deciding what to eat. I even ate Quorn fillets for my dinner/tea (I’d usually call it tea but I’ll cater to both sides in this debate) which I didn’t mind too much. I never really liked Quorn to begin with but when it’s covered in sauce, it’s fine and I would be happy to eat it again. I’ve decided to research veggie recipes in the hopes of finding more foods I’ll enjoy. Plus, did you know that some coca-cola products are not vegetarian/vegan friendly? This involves the likes of Lilt, here’s a link to what other products should be avoided while living these lifestyles.

Delicious americano @ Penshaw Tea Rooms, Sunderland

Day Three – Wednesday 26th July
So far, so good. The veggie diet is still going strong. This morning we went to Penshaw Tea Rooms and all their cakes are vegetarian friendly, hooray! I had a huge slice of Mars Bar Pavlova which I didn’t snap a pic of because I’m a numpty. Sorry! Found some lovely sounding meals online including Supergreen soup that I might try making soon. Honestly, I’m not the best cook in the world but I’m willing to give it a go! Hoping to find some more good recipes soon and will update you all on how it goes.
Day Four – Thursday 27th July
Today was pretty good. Honestly there’s still so many foods as a vegetarian that you can eat that it’s not that difficult a diet to follow. Bought some Quorn nuggets today, haven’t tried them yet but will in the near future – I’ve heard many good things. I had a Greggs Vegetable Katsu bake and man, it was actually delicious. Had lil chunks of sweet potato in, plenty of veg and curry sauce and it was spot on! Then I went to Nandos and it’s the only time I’ve even been slightly tempted by meat because chicken was always my favourite. But nope, I went for the beanie wrap and it was amazing. So, I’ve had a great veggie food day today.
Day Five – Friday 28th July
Another day at work and it was a little difficult to find something to eat for breakfast. There were few vegetarian options but I managed in the end. Didn’t really eat lunch because I opted for sleep instead – I’d been up since 5am, I promise I’m not just lazy! I tried Quorn picnic eggs and they are amazing. They taste like actual scotch eggs which I loved pre-vegetarian. But here’s the Biggie – I ate Quorn nuggets for the first time. And oh my god… They’re amazing. Honestly, a non-meat dream. Go get some, right now!
Super tasty stir fry made by my mam… Since I’m a slight travesty in the kitchen.

Day Six – Saturday 29th July
Today was a little off. Unfortunately, I messed up a tiny bit and ate an Oykos Strawberry yoghurt only to realise they are not vegetarian friendly. After doing so well all week, I did kick myself a little for not paying more attention to the packaging and actually checking to see if they were suitable or not. Truth be told, I was bound to mess up a teeny bit eventually. But alas, I have continued on with the vegetarian lifestyle even after that slight blunder because I came here to save the animals and you don’t just give up on something like that. Today’s menu included Quorn ‘party sausages’ and man, they were so good. For tea/dinner, I had a stir fry with Quorn pieces in it which was lovely. I’m super impressed by the majority of Quorn items I’ve eaten so far. So even though Day 6 got off to a bumpy start, it ended pretty well.
Day Seven – Sunday 30th July
Week one of the veggie diet has come to a close. The bloating has been pretty terrible though as my body needs to adjust to the new diet. Hopefully, it’ll ease up soon. But overall, it’s been a good week and I’ve enjoyed trying all these different foods. Enjoying so many Quorn products was a huge step in the right direction because I truly didn’t think I’d enjoy any of it. And as a closing statement: this blog post is in no way me trying to force vegetarianism onto anyone. This was my personal choice to live a meat-free life but I totally respect if you want to eat it. After all, I did for many years and can understand why many people won’t give up meat and that’s ok. You do you! I just chose to stop eating it for ethical and dietary reasons.
Thanks for delving into my day to day vegetarian lifestyle with me. The first week has gone pretty great and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it. Let me know what you think below and if you want me to continue with My Veggie Diary.

Until next time,

Luce xo


  • Marielli

    Great post, don’t knock yourself down it happens. But your doing great!! Any tips for someone who’s trying to eat less meats herself?

    • lhope884

      Thank you I really appreciate that ☺️ thanks! All I can suggest is transition to quorn, try the nuggets first as they’re really good! And there’s food recipes online for different veggie meals to try as well. If I’m honest I cut out meat really quickly which is probably why I’m struggling a little more than I’d like to be but it’ll become natural/normal eventually☺️

      • Marielli

        What’s quorn if u don’t mind me asking? I’ve never heard of it. Yeah I’m tryin to do it little by little myself but being the only one who cooks for everyone it gets hard for me ?

        • lhope884

          Quorn is basically a meat substitute and you don’t lose any protein or anything from eating it. It’s pretty healthy and usually low calories so it’s a win-win. Ah I see, that does make things difficult. I’ve managed to get my family on board with the diet a bit as well so they’re happier to eat quorn and such like now. If possible, you could try making the veggie stir fry with the quorn pieces? They’re sold in most major supermarkets and can definitely be found in ASDA (I hope you live in the UK and I’m not just making a wild assumption ?).

  • hannahdarley

    Loved this!! I’m researching into turning vegetarian / vegan (I don’t eat much dairy so the vegan side wouldn’t be too difficult for me, just the meat side of things). So I found this extremely helpful! Well done you! X

    • lhope884

      Thanks so much! Yeah see I’ve got a terrible sweet tooth so trying to remove dairy would be horrendous ? I’m glad it has helped! Honestly try the quorn products – lovely! X

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    • lhope884

      For some reason this comment was classed as spam which is why I haven’t been able to respond until now. But thank you so much for your kind words. It is a free theme as far as I can remember. Took quite some time to get everything working on it but it’s worth it.
      – Luce 🙂

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