My time on the contraceptive pill
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My time on the contraceptive pill

My time on The Contraceptive Pill


At some point in time, most – if not all – women will try a form of female contraception. After extensive research, I chose the pill as the coil and implant really do not appeal to me at all. With this post, I want to talk with you all about my personal experiences on the pill. Just to clarify, in no way by saying any of this, am I trying to scare you or suggest you should not take it: that’s absolutely your choice. Let the pill talk commence…

Ridgevidon (combined)

Honestly, it’s been a rollercoaster ride trying to find a pill that works for me. I started with the combined pill, Ridgevidon, and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, I had an awful experience. Within the first three days, I had suffered with severe sickness and stomach cramps. I could hardly move which was a huge problem considering I was in Edinburgh at the time. This led to me coming off that one after the first three days. It was not worth the horrid way it made me feel. So, Pill #1 was a solid no.

Cerelle (POP/mini-pill)

Then I moved onto the Progesteron-only pill (POP), Cerelle. The main difference between the combined pill and POP is that combined contains oestrogen and POP does not. Also, POP is less effective in preventing pregnancy than combined. Honestly, I bled too much while I was taking it. I lasted a month before I came off them. I know it’s sometimes a case of waiting it out and as the months pass it could ease but it was constant bleeding. It is not something I had time to deal with as I was going through a really hectic time already. At this point, you’re probably thinking ‘why did you even bother trying another one’? I was at the point of wondering the same because really who’s got time for this much hassle?

Microgynon (combined)

Thankfully, things have improved after being put on the combined pill, Microgynon. It has come with its issues but not as severe as taking Ridgevidon. The issues I have had in the first month: severe bloating, mood swings and tiredness. Now I’ll be honest the bloating is partly my own fault too, I don’t eat foods that will ease it but I am trying to change that. The tiredness may also not be linked to the pill but I have been a lot wearier since I started taking it. But I can not complain too much with this one. Genuinely, I think this one is working for me. It is so good to finally say that after the struggle I have had with the others! Hopefully all the little niggles will sort themselves out the longer I take it.

All types of female contraceptives work differently for every woman. This is just my series of events. You might be absolutely fine taking Ridgevidon or Cerelle. Sometimes it takes a few tries before you get one that is right for you so don’t give up if the first one you take doesn’t agree with you. There are other options if the pill is not for you such as: the implant or coil. All options come with the possibility of side effects but not everyone will suffer from the side effects such as: nausea, bloating, mood changes, decreased sex drive and so on. It is a bit scary taking the pill as there are plenty of horror stories floating about online. But sometimes you need to take things said with a pinch of salt as it may be a completely different scenario for you.  And not to forget good ol’ condoms if none of the above options work or appeal to you.


Until next time,
Luce xo


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