My Veggie Diary: Week One

  Hello all, So over this past week I started trialling a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. I’ve been a meat eater my whole life and finally decided to cut it out of my diet. Fish has also been banished but it didn’t play a large part in my diet anyway. My…

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July Beauty Faves!

‘Ello, I haven’t done a faves post since March which is pretty shabby on my part, apologies! But I am back with my July faves and these beauty products hold a special place in my heart. It’s a mix-up of skincare, haircare and make-up that have worked wonders for me…

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My time on the contraceptive pill

‘Ello, At some point in time, most – if not all – women will try a form of female contraception. After extensive research, I chose the pill as the coil and implant really do not appeal to me at all. With this post, I want to talk with you all…

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