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Is Chris Hemsworth really in Durham?!

Today I decided to visit a film set in Durham at the Cathedral for none other than the new Avengers: Infinity War. I’ll be honest – I haven’t seen many of the avengers films (don’t hate me!) but I figured it would be a cool experience to go have a look at a ‘real-life’ film set.
It was an exciting time. HGVs (Heavy Good Vehicles) were lined up outside of the Cathedral and people were rushing around setting everything up. It was super cool to see it all being put together. I’ve seen plenty of films but never seen what happens ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak. From what I gathered, there’s an awful lot of heavy lifting involved. Not my cup of tea because I’m weak but each to their own! Crew members were in and out of the cathedral all day but sadly none of the stars appeared. Seeing Chris’ face may have made me drool or wee a little bit. Sorry, TMI?
The downside was definitely how cold it was and I was perishing in the bitter wind. Alas, I do not regret going along and having a little look.  All we really got to see was scaffolding for a potential stunt scene and fire inside the cathedral. Don’t worry it was just fire torches (maybe?) not an actual full-blown fire. Here’s a couple of pics I took of the set (lets hope this isn’t illegal):

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I’m aware these are not the best pictures in the world but I was worried that I would get told off for taking them so they were done ‘sneakily’. Sorry I cannot confirm if Chris Hemsworth (Thor in Avengers) is in Durham or not, I wish I could. He may be, he may not be but currently nobody knows. All in all it was a good experience and I might pop along in the next couple of days to see if there’s been any advancements.
Until next time,
Luce xo
(P.S. I am not a film/filming expert so if I have used incorrect terminology, I apologise.)

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  • Viv lee

    I do know that from my few days last week some of the actors were booked in to the George Washington, I do not know what ones though.mayde another stakeout Luce! X

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