Estée Lauder Concentrated Recovery Powerfoil Mask review

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Another Wednesday, another post. This week I’m reviewing Estee Lauder’s advanced night repair concentrated rocovery powerfoil mask. A little bit of a mouthful but is it the best mask on the market?
Estée Lauder claims that it ‘resets the look of your skin’ and it truly does. For the first time, I have discovered a face mask that does not leave the product sitting on top of the skin. This one really does penetrate deep into the skin and makes the skin so moisturized and smooth. Fine lines be gone!
The fact this mask has the foil sheets makes it a lot thicker than other masks on the market. Being thicker means it is very unlikely to rip like other paper-thin ones tend to do.
However, this one was easier than most to apply as it comes in two parts. The foil sheets helps the product to penetrate deeper into the skin. Both sheets create a protective barrier while the mask works its magic! This mask actually contains a double dosage of Estée Lauder’s advanced night repair serum.
Admittedly, I got this mask as a present for Christmas. They are at the higher end of the price spectrum coming in at £16. There are multi-buy options available – 4 for £58 and 8 for £104. I would recommend trying one mask first to get a feel for it. It is a steep price for a face mask but it is basically the same as paying to get a professional facial done! In my opinion, this is better than a facial. The only downside is that you do not get a massage.
If you are wondering why my mask on my picture (instagram) is missing the foil parts – I wanted to trick everyone and removed the foil parts just before removal. That way nobody knew which one it was! Sneaky, ey?
Think about it this way – after 10 minutes your skin could be glowing and moisturised, what more could you want? I highly recommend this product to everyone as it does everything it claims to do. Also, I have quite severe eczema around my eyes and it cleared it up nicely.
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