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ORA Tynemouth Review

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I’m back with a (sort of) food review. Now, I’ve never done one of these before and I’m definitely not a food critic, so take from this what you will.

Recently, I went to ORA in Tynemouth with some friends for a birthday meal and I was mostly impressed. Tynemouth, a small town in North East England is a lovely area. It’s got a calming feeling about it and everywhere looks great. ORA itself is fairly sized with three floors. The staff are friendly and there’s a relaxing vibe to the place. The third floor is a single table with eight chairs, there’s a fridge full of drinks (these are not free) and you can play your own music! This area has to be booked in advance as it’s specifically used for groups. However, if you’re not a fan of mirrors I would recommend avoiding this area as there are quite a few of them up there.

Moving along, the food menu is large and there are plenty of drinks to choose from. There are currently deals in ORA from Monday – Thursday you can get 2 cocktails for £10 (must be the same cocktail, no mix and match) and Sunday – Friday (5pm) you can get a deal of four tapas dishes and 2 glasses of wine and beer for £22. If you’re not keen on wine or beer, there are other options such as soft drinks.

I tried their French Martini and it was beautiful. It was very fruity and came with a slice of strawberry and a fruit stick. The initial taste of Absolut vanilla vodka is strong, be wary of that.

For food, I chose to do the #EATTOGETHER (Tapas) deal with my friend. We shared: meatballs and hummus and pitta. The meatballs were succulent and delicious, a must have if you’re a meat lover. The hummus and pitta bread were lovely, too. The only downside is that there was a lot of hummus. It really wasn’t possible to finish it all which is a shame as such good food shouldn’t be wasted. On top of this, I also got the Chicken Tikka skewers which I thought were ok. The main issue I found was that the chicken was a little drier than I would’ve liked it to be. The raita sauce that comes with the skewers was tasty, though.

Overall, I thought the meal was lovely. I’d rate it a solid 8/10, if the chicken wasn’t a little on the dry side that could have easily been a 10/10.

I’d recommend going and trying this place if you’re in Tynemouth at any time. There are plenty of options to choose from and it’s not all tapas.

Link to ORA Tynemouth website here.

Until next time,
Luce xo

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