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March Beauty Faves!

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There’s been drastic weather conditions here in the UK over the last few months and my skin and hair have needed that little extra TLC. I decided that it’d be a grand idea to compile a list of my fave skincare/beauty/hair products for these weather conditions. Not all products will have reviews as I’ve already previously reviewed some of them on other posts and will attach links to all of these posts alongside the product.


1) Urban DecayAll Nighter Setting Spray  [Debenhams – £23.50, 118ml]

I’d been scouring the shops looking for something that could help keep my make-up in tact all day. It took a couple of searches on google and beauty websites to come across this little beauty. I’ve been a huge fan of Urban Decay’s products for a long time now and have purchased this spray multiple times over. Truthfully, I use it when I’m going on nights out and getting all dolled up. A bonus is that it’s fragrance-free and light-weight. It’s similar to those little sprays you get of cooling mist when you go on holiday. Although, I bet it dries far quicker than most of those do. The description states that it helps make-up to last for “up to 16 hours” which in my case, I believe to be true. However, it will depend what conditions you’re in as this doesn’t waterproof make-up. Trust me, you will get panda eyes if you go swimming. This is a beauty must-have. It’s the difference between make-up looking great most of the day to having barely any left on by the time you get home.

2) Kat Von DInk Liner [Debenhams – £16, 0.55ml]

If you want wings that could help you fly away and long-lasting eyeliner, then this’ll be right up your street. You can check out the full review I did for this product here. Exciting news: Kat Von D Beauty are officially in the UK and being stocked in Debenhams nationwide. I’d be surprised if any beauty lovers like myself weren’t already aware of this. Quick, go get yourself this eyeliner!

3) Anastasia Beverely HillsBrow Powder Duo & Glow Kit  [Beauty Bay (brow powder only) – £17 & ABH website Glow kit – £39]

Do you want amazing eyebrows 24/7 and skin that has been blessed by the glitter gods? Silly question, of course you do! These products I have also reviewed over on this post. Unfortunately, the glow kit is not currently available to purchase but keep an eye out as they may get more in stock. There are several other ‘glow kits’ up on their website if you would like to try one as I imagine they’re all of a similar high quality.

4) CliniqueMoisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer [Clinique website: £23, 30ml]

This is one of my all time make-up faves. I’ve re-purchased this multiple times and it’s never let me down. As any good tinted moisturizer does, it gives you light coverage whilst keeping your skin hydrated. Clinique’s does just that. My skin always looks so healthy and glowing every time I use this product. It’s perfect for all year round usage, but especially for Summer and Winter months when your skin is in need of a little extra moisture boost. If you prefer a little extra coverage, then use concealer alongside this product as you would with a regular foundation. If I’m truthful, I don’t think there’s many shades to choose from which is unfortunate as the majority can only be used on fairer skin tones.

5) FreshSoy Face Cleanser [Fresh website: £32, 150ml]

Want your skin to look and feel healthy? In that case, this product is a must have. I’ve done a full review of it here. This product is also suitable for all skin types.

6) L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil [FeelUnique: £9.99, 100ml]

How do I even begin my praise for this miracle in a bottle? I’m not usually keen on having greasy hands from applying hair oils but this product doesn’t leave them too bad. In fact, it leaves my hands as soft as it leaves my hair which is really soft. I have dyed, heat-damaged hair but I feel like this product has resurrected it somewhat. There’s been a shortage of snapped ends appearing and my hair looks and feels great. I can’t recommend this hair oil enough. It might seem pricey but it’s worth every penny.

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