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Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlighting Palette (Review)


For this review, I’m going to be honest and tell you all exactly what I think about this palette.



If you want to be a shining and glowing goddess then this is the palette for you. Honestly, the ‘Rose Gold’ packaging even makes me squeal a little, it is so fancy. Apologies for the poor picture quality but it is difficult to take pictures of this palette because the packaging is basically a mirror. Also, mine is mildly scratched at this point because I’ve used it so much. In saying all this, I still get excited every time I look at it. (Not because I can see my face in it, I swear I am not that vain.)

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From this pic, it is clear how much I have used it as half the glitter has fallen into the mini-mirror. Honestly, it is so beautiful. The shades make me all giddy. Equinox is a light brown shade and it’s cream-based rather than shimmer or matte. The cream is so soft and super easy to apply. Subsolar is shimmer powder and pale yellow shade. Hemisphere is baked powder and has a lilac shade. Ecliptic is a baked powder as well and is a rose gold shade. Every single shade on this palette are so well pigmented, it takes one swipe with a powder brush to get your face shimmering. For paler skin tones, I’d say Hemisphere and Ecliptic show up best. Equinox and Subsolar, in my opinion, would show up better on darker skin tones. They look gorgeous on any skin tone, but would pop on those in particular.

All I can give is a rave review for this product. Honestly, this product deserves every shining review it gets because it is amazing. I own the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, and truthfully, I would say this one is better. It is almost a superior highlighting kit for a fraction of the price [£9.99].

I recommend everyone to try this; you won’t regret it.

Until Next Time,
Luce xo

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