Calamity Jane (Review)

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Finally, I have returned to the blogging land. In the wake of the Oscars, I figured it would be a good time to review some new and old movies.

Recently, I watched Calamity Jane for the first time and fell in love with it. It’s no secret that I love musicals. There’s ┬áno doubt about that. I was initially skeptical to how I’d take to the film as I’m not a fan of westerns or old movies. It is in your face Western for the first half an hour or so of the film, but it’s not overpowering. The sole focus is Calamity Jane (Calam) and following her journey to becoming more of a lady.

Due to the film being released in the 60s, it’s no surprise that they focused a lot on that aspect. Calam (Doris Day) is a fantastic protagonist as she’s more like ‘one of the guys’ and enjoys typical Western activities like shooting. I like her character development as she welcomes the ‘lady’ side to her personality, but she doesn’t lose sight of who she is. That’s an important moral to the story. In some ways, it also shows that your friends are so important and not to take them for granted. The musical numbers are also incredible, ‘A Woman’s Touch’ being a personal favourite of mine. It’s a lot of fun and has a real feel-good factor about it.

Musicals aren’t for everyone but this film is worth a watch. You never know, you might end up loving it!

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