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    New York City Sephora Haul

    During our time in NYC, a trip to Sephora was an absolute must! Half of the labels in the store we don’t have here in the UK and they’re some of the best ones. (If we do have them, then we tend to have to pay horrendous amounts for shipping). Hence why me and my friends couldn’t resist spending extortionate amounts of money in this store. If you’re a beauty lover, like myself, this place is pretty much end game for your bank card. Since we were on holiday, it was deemed acceptable to go a tad slacker on our budgets and splash out on dearer brands. Oh boy, it…

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    The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic (Review)

    *spoiler alert* Summary The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic follows the story of Neil Josten who becomes a member of Palmetto State University’s (PSU Foxes) Exy team. His upbringing has been far from simple as he is the son of the murderous crime lord known as ‘The Butcher’. After being on the run for the majority of his life, he’s used to moving from place to place on short notice. However, joining PSU’s Exy team takes him down an unsure path and one that lacks escape routes. Neil knew the risks of joining PSU Foxes but initially had no choice but to accept the offer. This Exy team is often…