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Sleek Makeup: Matte Me Lipcreams

Matte Me: Bittersweet [nude pink] & Old Hollywood [deep red]

Sorry for being gone a while but I finally have a custom domain! It took a while to set up and I had to move to WordPress as it was easier to use a custom domain on here. At least I found it easier to do. Anyway, I’m back and here’s a new review…

When I came across these lip creams in Superdrug, I was intrigued to try them. Lip creams are not unheard of but not something I’d tried myself. I chose the shades: Bittersweet & Old Hollywood. Bittersweet is a nude pink and it’s gorgeous, as is Old Hollywood which is a deep, ‘vampy’ red. In fact, the great pigmentation is about the only praise I can give these products.

The truth about the lipcreams…

There’s not much that I liked about them. I was disappointed to say the least. The packaging states that it should be ‘ultra-smooth’ and it’s definitely not. Bittersweet wasn’t as difficult to apply as Old Hollywood. Due the deepness of the shade, Old Hollywood is impossible to apply decently without the use of a lip brush and with the patience of a saint. Bittersweet isn’t as difficult to apply as it’s more difficult to notice slight smudges due to complimenting my skin tone more. On darker skin tones than my own [I have pale skin], these lipsticks would be difficult to apply without smudging being extremely obvious. For being ‘lip creams’ , you’d expect them to have a consistency somewhere between a lipgloss & lipstick. Instead, these are more of a matte lipstick. They apply streaky and sticky which is a huge let down.

Cakey and Flakey…

I had to use lip balm before applying these lip creams otherwise my lips would’ve looked horrific. Well, they didn’t look great with the product on anyway. They didn’t dry at all in the corners of my lips and I’d had them on for a good ten minutes each. Sadly, they just dried the rest of my lips out and made all the cracks visible which never looks good. I was so hoping I’d end up writing a glowing review of them, but here we are being hit by cold, hard reality. They’re amongst some of the worst lip products I’ve used. It’s a real shame, they had potential greatness written all over them. If they used these shades in their lipsticks instead of these lip creams [going to check and see if they do]  then I’d be happy to purchase them as their lipsticks are far superior to these lip creams. Maybe these didn’t work for me because my lips are already dry and matte’s just drain them of what little moisture they have. It might have been a case of a bad batch because I’ve seen plenty of other people who love them. You never know, you might end up loving them. Sadly, I didn’t.

Until Next Time,

Luce xo

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