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As far as I’m aware, the Pick ‘n’ Mix service on FeelUnique is relatively new. It’s actually a fantastic idea and let’s you get your hands on loads of great samples from typically expensive brands. Sure, they’re only sample sizes but it’s enough for you to test it out and see how you feel about the product. Pick ‘N’ Mix gives you the opportunity to test out 5 samples of selected products on a monthly basis. It comes at a small cost of £3.95 which covers the postage/packaging of the products. However, you get that £3.95 returned to you to spend on any other purchase you make excluding your next Pick ‘N’ Mix package. Seriously, that’s a ridiculously good deal. So, I figured I’ll test out 5 random products and give reviews on all of them.

1) Jane IredaleLip Drink

Unfortunately my lips are prone to drying out all year round. I don’t get a break from it no matter how much lip balm I apply. It’s just one of those lemons life has thrown at me. Speaking of lemons; this lip balm smells citrusy, but in a pleasant way. Sometimes products scents are far too strong and completely off-putting but this smells delicious! Honestly, I have conflicted feelings towards the actual purpose of the product. It does moisturize your lips but it feels like there’s nothing on your lips. For me, this doesn’t work. I apply a tonne of lip balm so I can feel that it’s there and know that it’s working. I don’t know if that’s the intention with this product that less is more, but personally I didn’t like it. My lips still felt a bit dry after using it which isn’t helpful. I wouldn’t purchase the full sized version of this product – I don’t believe it’s worth the £14 it’s currently priced at.

2) Yves Saint LaurentTop Secrets Instant Moisture Glow

I rarely ever buy expensive brand products and that’s down to the price tag attached to the majority of them. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this is only £34. That’s still pretty steep for a moisturizer, but wait until I tell you more about it. This moisturiser is a delight to use. It comes out of the packaging a slightly pink shade, but it goes on clear. It has a light consistency and yet it’s very hydrating when you put it on. With having such dry skin, I usually find lighter moisturisers do nothing to help my skin, but this one is perfect. It leaves my skin soft and glowing. It really does what it says on the tin [or tube, if we’re going to be precise]! My face looked so refreshed after using this and I would seriously consider buying the full-sized tube. YSL, you’ve done it again and I’m absolutely sold on this one. Also, just discovered that you can’t purchase this on FeelUnique anymore and you can only get it through YSL’s website. Update: I bought the full-sized product.

3) JASONPowersmile All Natural Whitening Toothpaste

I told you I chose random ones, didn’t I? Your teeth are one of the most important parts of your body because a nice smile can go a long way to brightening up your day! I’m borderline obsessive over my teeth. They may not be perfect, but one day they will be. Until that day comes I will dabble with tooth-whitening products. This is the first one I’ve tried in quite a while because they’re damaging for your teeth. It’s not a secret that a lot of teeth-whitening products wear away at the enamel to leave your teeth worse off in the long-run. Of course, using them in moderation will not harm them too drastically. As it says on the packaging, it is ‘All Natural’ and is free from: Parabens, SLS, Phtalates, Preservatives, Artificial colours, Aritificial sweeteners, Saccharin and Propylene Glycol. Honestly, I’m not sure what half of those ingredients are to begin with, but I’ll hedge my bets that they’ll damage your teeth. So, it’s a good job they’re not in this toothpaste. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as my praises go.

It didn’t have the greatest of tastes – alas, you’re not eating it, but still you don’t want to feel like your cleaning your teeth with detergent. The so-called whitening properties are definitely not visible after first usage. Fair enough, my teeth aren’t in a terrible condition to begin with, but the slight yellow staining hadn’t improved after using this toothpaste. Maybe after a few more uses, there might be a noticeable difference but I won’t be buying more to find out. [£3.75]

4) OriginsClear Improvement Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores

I’ve known about origins for a long, long time and my sister has a few products of theirs. Since I’m really into face masks at the moment, I figured I’d give this a go. Origins prides itself on being one of the most well-known skincare brands worldwide and it’s not difficult to understand why this brand is loved and used by many. This face mask was fantastic! My skin felt so soft and it looked a lot fresher. I still prefer sheet masks, but that’s more of a personal situation. As you can imagine with it being charcoal based, it’s obviously a dark product and it goes onto your skin a dark grey colour. Charcoal is a detoxifying agent used in many brands skincare ranges these days, and if you get the right range it’ll work wonders for your skin. I was skeptical to try charcoal based products but this face mask has totally changed my perspective on them. I’d recommend this to anyone. Give it a go, it might just be the treat your skin’s after! [£24]

5) MOR Emporium ClassicsCandied Vanilla Hand Cream

I suffer from eczema which makes working with water a lot a pain in the ass. My hands often feel gross from extensively washing dishes. Whilst searching through the many pages of sample sized goodies, I came across this hand cream. Of course as it usually does, intrigue took over and I thought “sure, might as well give it a go” since my hands could use some TLC. Oh my gosh, it smells absolutely incredible. It definitely smells like vanilla which is always a good thing. It is quite strong though, so if you’re not into strongly fragranced products then this won’t be for you at all. Once I was done sniffing my hands for a while, I came to realise they were lovely and soft. Some hands creams leave my hands feeling greasy and worse off, but not this one. It feels amazing and it dries super quickly which is a bonus. This really is worth it’s £9 price tag [usually £15, currently 30% off on FeelUnqiue]. Seriously, this hand cream is everything. I’d recommend this to anyone.

Until next time,
Luce xo

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