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‘I love Summer’ Tag

I’m quite certain this is the first ‘tag’ post I’ve ever participated in. Since it’s summer, it’s time to try new things so I’m going to go for it. My friend, Chloe Stedman a.k.a suggested I do the ‘I love Summer’ tag and she’s also done it. Well, let’s get started!

1) What is your dream vacation?
This is a tough one since I’m an aspiring World Traveler. But I love adventure, so a road trip around America/Canada would be pretty incredible. Also, I’ve always wanted to visit Italy so they’re the joint #1 dream vacay’s for me!

2) Favourite summer drink
Anything cold. I’m currently hooked on fresh orange juice, though. It’s a shame the sugar content is so high but when it tastes as good as it does, it can’t be helped, I must drink it.
3) S’mores or Ice Cream
Ice cream. Honestly, I’ve never tried S’mores but I imagine I’m missing out ’cause they sound amazing.
4) Pool or Beach?
Beach. It’s more adventurous than sitting by the pool all day.
5) Would you rather spend a summer day outside by the pool or inside watching Netflix?
Since we don’t own a pool, I’m going to opt for the latter. Currently suffering with an addiction to Dexter which I recommend everybody watches. Trust me on this one, it’s amazing. [As I’ve come to discover in numerous episodes it is also extremely graphic: sex/murder scenes are brutal and there’s often not much they don’t show – please bare this in mind].
6) Favourite Summer Memory. 
I’m torn between our family 2010 summer holiday to Florida and NYC with friends in 2016. Florida had Disney World *insert heart-eye emoji* and Universal Studios which have some of the best roller-coasters I’ve been on in my life, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky. But NYC is the city of dreams, and we did so many incredible things while we were there (read about it all here). Ah, I’m sorry I can’t decide on just one! There’s way too many to choose from.
NYC at night from The Empire State Building.
7) Favourite Summer Nail Polish. 
Bright colours are a must in the summer. ORLY’s range of neon colours are so great for the summer. My personal fave is the Melt Your Popsicle. It’s neon orange, if you’re not into neons I’d stay really far away from this range of colours… Melt your popsicle is such a pretty colour! You might want to wear sunglasses whilst wearing it though, there’s potential for being blinded by it’s brightness.
8) Sunglasses or Hats?
Personally, I’d go for sunglasses due to having prescription lenses. No point in going on holiday if you can’t see anything, right?
9) Favourite Summer Scent
Victoria’s secret body sprays smell gorgeous! Love Addict is my current fave. Bargain alert: You can get 2 bottles for £9.09… Quick, go grab some!
10) Favourite Barbeque Food
Gotta be burgers. So bad, but yet so good for you. I could devour one right this second to be honest.

One of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten from TGI Fridays.


11) Bikini’s, Tankini’s or one piece? 
I’d probably opt for a one piece. I’m not a fan of swimwear due to the fact it clings to all the places I don’t want it to. Maybe one day I’ll change my mind and flaunt this bod in a bikini, here’s to hoping!
12) Summertime Book Recommendations
I could give an extensively long list, but I shall refrain and only list a few.
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak which is definitely a heart-wrencher.
Just Friends by Billy Taylor. I don’t even know how to begin with this book because parts of it literally broke me. I sobbed, laughed and overall, adored reading this book.
The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic which is a relatively new book, and sadly underrated because it’s fantastic. Warning: It can be highly graphic and there’s a lot of violence in this book. I’d avoid reading it if you’re not ok with gore/violence. I’ve reviewed this book fully here.
Until next time,
Luce xo


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