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During our time in NYC, a trip to Sephora was an absolute must! Half of the labels in the store we don’t have here in the UK and they’re some of the best ones. (If we do have them, then we tend to have to pay horrendous amounts for shipping). Hence why me and my friends couldn’t resist spending extortionate amounts of money in this store. If you’re a beauty lover, like myself, this place is pretty much end game for your bank card. Since we were on holiday, it was deemed acceptable to go a tad slacker on our budgets and splash out on dearer brands. Oh boy, it was so worth it!
By this point in time, this brand has taken the make-up world by storm. It’s highlighters are especially popular and it’s not difficult to understand why. The pigmentation of these products is outstanding. A light dusting of any of the colours on your cheeks and you’re sparkling! If you want to have the most highlighted face on the streets without looking like one of the Cullens, then this glow is the one for you. The colours are honestly beautiful, neutral and long-lasting. There’s no need to worry about it coming off after being in intense heat.
Now, if you’re anything like me, brows are super important.I’m borderline obsessive over the ‘perfect brows’, I can’t help it. Since I’m not a fan of pencils, I usually opt for brow powders instead. Make-up tip: always go a shade lighter than you’re actual brow shade for the most natural look. Again, this little pot must be filled with magic because my brows look amazing whenever I use this powder. The pigmentation is lovely so it doesn’t take long to get my brows exactly how I like them! Alongside the powder, I purchased Anastasia’s #12 brush and I’m in love with both products. My brows have no struggle staying in place all day thanks to these beauties! This is a god-send if you work in a hot environment which I do almost every day. The brow brush is double-ended and a good-size. I often feel like some brow brushes are too long and hard to handle, but no this one. The angled brush is so soft and helps to easily apply the powder.
Whilst in Sephora, my friend, Chloe, purchased Anastasia’s Brow Wiz Pencil and I’m going to post the review she sent me for it (don’t worry, I’ve been given permission to do so!):
“I am a lover of both brows and brow pencils; in this day and age of make-up, who isn’t? So when I became sucked in by Sephora, it is unsurprising that this is the first product I picked up. Unlike other brow pencils that I’ve tried, Brow Wiz is extremely thin which means you can fill your brows in without them looking overdrawn or too dramatic. Also, I love the fact that it’s not in no way chalky or waxy, but creamy enough to hold your brows in place and keep them looking great all day long! I wore this is 34 degree heat in NYC and I still had strong brows after the rest of my makeup had slid down my face. Honestly, I love this product and cannot recommend this enough. Go get it while you can! It will quite literally change your brow game forever.”[written by]
Back in the UK, I’d come across many of my favourite beauty guru’s using this cleanser. The price tag was initially what scared me off – £30 is excessive for a face wash, right? Wrong. Not this one. If only I’d known what a skin changer this would be I’d have bought it in a heartbeat, and will do so from now on. I have dry and sensitive skin so ordinary brand face washes, such as simple and biore, tend to completely dry my skin out. This Soy Face Cleanser does the exact opposite. Instead, my skin is left looking refreshed and super soft. The best part is that this can even be used on your eyelids which is unheard of in the world of cleansers! Well, mainly the cheaper brand ones ’cause there’s way too many harsh chemicals in them. It hasn’t got a thick, gloopy consistency either which menas you only need to use a 50p sized amount to cover your entire face. There are no exfoliating beads in this one; so if that’s what you prefer I’d look elsewhere. If you can forget about the price tag, then splash out on this product. You won’t regret it!
I’d never heard of BITE before until I discovered their stand in Sephora. Intrigue took over and I decided to purchase one of their lipsticks. Initially, it was the gorgeous pinky nude shade that stole my heart. The colour pay off with these lipsticks is incredible. They have a matte finish, but they don’t dry your lips out and leave them feeling all gross and chalky. It’s so easy to apply that I don’t even need to use  a lip brush to do, and I’m not exactly an expert at applying lipsticks so that definitely says something! I can’t recommend these lipsticks enough. Give them a go, you won’t regret it!
For a long time now I’d been desperate to try out these eyeliners. I’d read so many rave reviews about them that I couldn’t not buy them. However, disappointment set in a mere week after purchasing the Tattoo Liner. For a product so highly praised, it didn’t remotely live up to it’s high standards. I’d only had it a week before the nib went sticky as if the product was drying up. Since I’m protective of my eyeliners, I always double check to make sure lids are firmly fastened out so they don’t dry out quickly. Also, in the process of reapplication, the nib would simply take off any existing eyeliner that was on my lid. That shouldn’t happen. It was unfortunate, and maybe I just had one from a faulty batch. However, after that disappointment I will not be purchasing a Tattoo Liner again. Nor would I recommend it to anyone else, either.
On the flip side, the Ink Liner is a joy to use. It’s so easy to apply and it doesn’t smudge! This liner is long-lasting and I love it. It’s far better than the Tattoo Liner, and reapplication isn’t an issue. So far I’ve had no issues with this one. I can’t comment on it’s waterproofing qualities as I don’t wear it in situations where it would be a necessity, my apologies.
Sephora: Sheet Mask
Sheet masks have been around a relatively long time now, but they’re still quite elusive here in the UK. If you want to buy one, you’ve got to go either really cheap and crappy or ridiculously expensive. Seeing as the Sephora ranges were only $6, I figured I might as well give them a try. Honestly, I prefer sheet masks to normal masks as there’s less mess made when using them. There’s a lot of product in these masks so when you remove them your skin does feel a tad greasy. That’s nothing major though, as it dries off to leave your face feeling smooth and refreshed. You’ll literally be glowing after using one of these masks – in a good, non-greasy way of course. A slight downfall is when applying them to your face they can be a bit difficult to work with as they tend to crease. That could be because I’m inexperienced with using them, so don’t just take my word for it. I’d highly recommend these sheet masks.


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